Fact Check: MP George Howarth Illness -Does He Have A Cancer? Everything On His Wife And Net Worth

Fact Check: MP George Howarth Illness -Does He Have A Cancer? Everything On His Wife And Net Worth

A British Labour Party politician, George Howarth aged 72, has been rumored to be diagnosed with cancer. Read it out to find if it is true.

Sir George Edward Howarth is a politician of the British Labour Party who serves as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Knowsley. He has served the seat’s predecessors right after being elected. 

Firstly in 1997, he worked as the MP for Knowsley North after being selected in a by-election in 1986, and then as Knowsley North and Sefton East from 1997 to 2010.

He gained his education at the local Huyton Secondary School. Then he joined the Kirkby college for further education and the Liverpool John Moores University.

He further went to study at the University of Salford. From 1966 to four consecutive years, he served his apprenticeship as an engineer and then worked as an engineer till 1975.

After that, he went to teaching.

Fact Check: George Howarth MP Illness -Does He Have A Cancer?

There is no information in regards to George Howarth MP’s illness.

No official declaration has been made that confronts George has been diagnosed with cancer.

However, it is true that he had contacted the #CatchupWithCancer campaign to add his name to the open letter to be listed as a parliamentary supporter and has also offered his support to Early Day Motion. 

He has also attended the Catch Up With Cancer event on 15th September via Zoom meeting after hearing about the induced cancer backlog crisis and its impacts on constituencies across the country. 

The cancer experts and frontline staffs on the COVID-19 are worried about the critical situation that has arisen.

Moreover, he has also heard from industry and technology representatives that high-tech solutions can play a vital role in solving the cancer backlog crisis in the UK. 

Hence, it can be concluded that the rumors of George Howarth having been diagnosed with cancer might be false. He might be working with #CatchUpWithCaner. 

George Howarth Age And Family

George Howarth was born on 29th June 1949, who is now 72 years old.

He was born in Merseyside. The information regarding his family is missing.

George Howarth Wife: What Happened To His Daughter?

George Howarth is married to his wife, Julie Howarth. They were blessed with a daughter named Sian Howarth.

But she caught Type 1 diabetes. She could not withstand the disease and died at the age of 24, and she had passed away in 2011.

George Howarth Net Worth Revealed

George Howarth has not disclosed his actual figure of net worth, but it can be estimated $1 million approximately.

By profession, he is a politician. That is why; he is expected to have summed up the above-mentioned amount.