Foreigner Challenge Original Video TikTok: Who is Foreigner Challenge Girl

Foreigner Challenge Original Video TikTok: Who is Foreigner Challenge Girl

TikTok is a hot digital entertainment platform where different trends are born. Recently, the new trend hyping all other social media platforms is the Foreigner Challenge Original Video on TikTok.

However, this challenge isn’t a simple funny video rather it is exploiting minors massively. People want this challenge to end as soon as possible.

If you aren’t still aware of the recent infamous trend on TikTok, read this article. 

Who is Foreigner Challenge Girl?

Foreigner Challenge Girl isn’t an individual on TikTok. This term refers to the underage girls who create sexually explicit content and edits and post it on TikTok plus other social media platforms. 

The latest TikTok trend, Foreigner Challenge is also inappropriate as it is exploiting young girls and boys. They are creating videos on Pop Smoke’s song “Foreigner” and uploading it on TikTok.

In fact, the TikTok challenge was named Foreigner Challenge because TikTokers are using the song “Foreigner” in the background. Foreigner Challenge girls have turned out to be one of the dangerous trends on TikTok exposing minor girls.

Who Made Foreigner Challenge Original Video TikTok?

According to sources, Foreigner Challenge began with sharing a string of self-centered images. However, it turned out as sharing explicit photos by teenagers. No one still knows the identity of the person who first made Foreigner Challenge Original video on TikTok.

The challenge began at the starting of April 2020. Many TikTok users got fed up with the explicit content rotating in TikTok. In fact, the videos of the foreigner challenge went viral on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc as well.

As a result, a famous TikTok sensation, Drama Kween uploaded a detailed video about this challenge. And, she explained how much harmful and worse it can get for minors.

Recently, TikTok star Peteuzi also created a video on Foreigner Challenge TikTok. And, his TikTok account is on the verge of deletion.

It’s better to report Foreigner Challenge TikTok videos than promoting it. It is one dangerous trend that can harm young lives.

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Last Modified: May 13, 2020

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