FOX: What Happened To Lindsey Graham Face And Nose? Accident Injury -Details To Know

FOX: What Happened To Lindsey Graham Face And Nose? Accident Injury -Details To Know

People wonder what is wrong with Lindsey Graham’s face as he appears with bandages on his nose and forehead in an interview.

Lindsey Graham is an American lawyer and politician who is serving as the senior senator of the United States.

He has been serving in this position from South Carolina since 2003, the first time he was appointed for this role.

Throughout his tenure, Graham has been involved in multiple works and has gained the trust of many people and he continues to do so.

However, he also has had some controversies and faulty moments.

But it is not his work that has made people inquisitive this time but rather his face.

In an interview with Judge Jeannie, Graham is seen with two bandages on his face, one in his nose and another on the side of his forehead.

This created confusion among people as they now wonder about what happened to the politician.

What Happened To Lindsey Graham Face And Nose?

Lindsey Graham appeared in the interview with bandages on his face and nose but no specific cause is reported at the moment.

It was an awaited moment of his interview with Jeannie but people were surprised to see him bruised and with bandages.

People immediately noticed that and expressed their concern.

Many of them even took to Twitter and said that Lindsey looked like he was beaten badly or had an accident.

There were no wounds or cuts seen in his face but the bandages hinted that something was not right.

Unfortunately, there is no information about what actually happened to him.

The politician didn’t open up about the cause of those dressings and the news sources haven’t mentioned anything about it in recent hours.

Looking as an outsider, it is possible that the man had a minor accident, probably he fell on the ground or something hard struck his face.

Nevertheless, only Graham knows the actual reason and we wait for his response on the matter.

Lindsey Graham Accident Injury Explored

Despite Lindsey Graham being seen with bandages, no specific accident injury is reported at this moment.

As we explained earlier, there are no mentions of any injury to the personality on internet news sites.

Likewise, Lindsey himself has not said anything about the bandages on his face.

Hence, despite the possibility of a minor accident, we cannot conclude any facts at this moment.

But we are sure that the actual reason will be explored soon.

What Is Lindsey Graham Net Worth In 2022?

Lindsey Graham has a net worth value of $2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

It further mentions his career highlights and specifies his major source of earning to be his political career.

Lindsey has been working in his current role for more than 17 years now and we are sure that the man takes home a pretty good salary.

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Last Modified: January 16, 2022

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