Frankie Jonas Poor Shaming, Drugs Allegations & Scandal Explained: Is He Cancelled?

Frankie Jonas Poor Shaming, Drugs Allegations & Scandal Explained: Is He Cancelled?

Frankie Jonas has been accused of poor shaming the middle-class girls, who himself has far less net worth than the other Jonas Brothers.

The star has been involved in many other allegations and drugs scandals before too.

Frankie Jonas is an American musical artist and is one of the Jonas Brothers. He is also a former actor who has been seen in many Disney shows previously.

Also, he is a voice artist, and his voice for the animated character of Sosuke in the movie Ponyo is really famous. 

He is quite a famous star, but he is not that renowned as his brothers: Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas. 

Frankie Jonas Poor Shaming Allegations: Is He Cancelled?

Frankie Jonas’ has been accused of Poor Shaming but nobody has got a detailed story about this topic yet. 

However, we have gathered some information regarding this matter.

As we all know, Frankie Jonas has a far less net worth compared to the Jonas Brothers. He has also been called a “Bonus Jonas” by Joe Jonas once.

But there have been stories and tweets coming up all over the internet saying that Frankie Jonas was the one who was accused of poor shaming others. To be precise, he was humiliating people in terms of money, saying that they were not rich enough. 

It is said that Frankie poor shamed many middle-class girls and they have reported these on social media. 

In response to this, many fans have tried humiliating him saying that he was a person who is only known because of his famous brothers. Some even say that Frankie Jonas should be cancelled.

Many people have posted regarding the matter on Twitter in a different humouristic way. Such poor shaming allegations and drama has been hype on social media right now. 

Who Is Frankie Jonas Girlfriend?

It is believed that Frankie Jonas’ current girlfriend is his highschool girlfriend Austin. They were dating since the year 2016. 

However, there has not been any news about their relationship now and no details on their break up. Frankie frequently posts pictures with his present girlfriend. 

Still, there is no name of the girl whose pictures he posts, so it is not confirmed if his present girlfriend is the same girl Austin from his high school. 

Frankie Jonas Drugs Allegations And Scandal Explained

There were several allegations against Frankie Jonas back in the year 2016 regarding excessive marijuana and drug uses. 

And yes, those were true. He struggled from several drug addictions, alcohol as well as suicidal thoughts, according to his brother Nick and Joe Jonas. 

However, he has gone through all of these and he is clean now. Frankie said that he is happy to come out of the things he has been through. 

And No, he has not been canceled. Even though he has some allegation of poor shaming, there is no confirmed news regarding that and it is not a thing that would end his career, or cancel him. 

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