Frederic Pierre Age: How Old Is He? Meet His Conjointe And Children

Frederic Pierre Age: How Old Is He? Meet His Conjointe And Children

Who is actor Frederic Perrie and how old is he? The middle-aged Canadian actor has a very impressive net worth, and his parents are supportive.

Frederic Perrie is an actor and director from Canada. 

The mixed-race actor, both ins 1st January 1953, is 68 years old today. 

He has acted in numerous TV shows, movies, and theatres under amazing directors and production teams.

Frederic has two beautiful children, and he is very fond of them.

How Old Is Frederic Pierre?

The popular Canadian actor and director Frederic Pierre’s age is around 30 to 35 years old. 

 Frederic’s mother is a Franco-Québécoise, and his father, Véronique Pierre, is of Haitian origin.

Frederic started his carrier as an actor from a young age in Television shows and is also widely popular in French and Quebec theaters. 

Frederic Pierre Wikipedia Bio

Frederic Pierre is a famous Canadian actor and director. 

He has had a flourishing carrier, being a part of 7 movies and 31 TV shows.

Some of his popular endeavors are Les Aventures tumultueuses de Jack Carter, Annie and her men, The 7th round, Le gentleman, and many more.

He was nominated to Gemeaux, in the category of the best actor of comedy in 2015, for Cover Girl.

Fredric was nominated in The Gemini three times for best comedy actor and has won the All-Star game in 2007. 

Haring worked in theaters as the character Lady Lester at LNI, C̈est my life at Jean Duceppe, and many more.

Frederic will soon be playing Lee Younger in a new production of the Théâtre Jean Duceppe, Heritage. 

The actor’s height is 5′ 8″ (1.73 m). His Instagram handle is: @fred_pierre_premier

Frederic Pierre Children And Married Life Explored

Frederic Pierre’s children: first-born daughter, Charlie Pierre, was born on 2nd January 2008.

Frederic’s son was born around 2-3 years after Charlie. 

Frederic’s social media handles are only being used for promotions, clicks, and artistic photography.

Being active on social media platforms, Frederic Pierre frequently posts some adorable pictures of his children, but only one picture of his wife was found. 

The wife’s name and identity are unknown, which raises questions about their marital life. 

What Is Frederic Pierre Net Worth?

Frederic Pierre’s net worth is estimated at around USD 1 million. 

However, being a successful actor and director, by this age, he must have earned a fortune throughout his career. 

Because his financials are not made public yet, his exact net worth is unknown for now.

Stay tuned for future updates on his personal and professional career. 

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