Why Was Furry Potato Arrested? Details To Know About The YouTuber

Why Was Furry Potato Arrested? Details To Know About The YouTuber

Fury Potato, a famous YouTuber, was arrested for a felony in Valencia Boulevard at the Westfield Valencia Town Center Mall.

Fury Potato is a transgender Youtuber from Orange County. 

An emerging YouTuber, Fury streams random vlogs on her YouTube.

There is no specific genre where her YouTube channel can be placed. Most of the time she is found teasing people on camera and records their reactions.

In the same context, Fury has been shot once and even got arrested while doing her job. So, let’s find out more about the aberrant YouTuber Furry Potato.

Furry Potato Arrest Explored

Furry Potato was arrested for a hate crime and charged with a felony. In 2018, she was found to be terrorizing and creating chaos outside the U.S Marine Corps recruiting office.

According to Womenarehuman, Fury was found abusing an officer verbally. She called the soldiers bootlickers and requested her fans to find out what the soldiers added.

The name of the individual was not revealed. But, according to Lt. Leo Bauer, he caught Fury doing so.

However, she is not facing any major trouble for the act, but her names will be recorded on the books of the criminal department.

Fury appeared at Santa Claria Courthouse when she pleaded. All of the charges on her is removed for now, but Fury has to pay a fine of $100 as a penalty.

Who Is Fury Potato Partner?

As of now, Fury Potato’s partner is not revealed. 

None of her fans have recorded her dating someone. It would have easier to locate her partner’s information through social media. But besides her Youtube, there are no other ways to track down her personal life.

Fury Potato Parents

Fury Potato Parent’s details are not revealed anywhere online.

The real name of the YouTuber is Zhoie Perez. His parents come of Latin descendancy. Besides that, none of the information is available on them.

What Is Fury Potato Net Worth?

Furry Potato’s net worth is not discussed anywhere. Her youtube channel has 23.5 k subscribers lately which contributes very little to her revenue.

Likewise, Perez has not mentioned any of her income sources which makes it hard to estimate her net worth.

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