General Sniper

General Sniper

General Sniper is a young arising streamer. He is currently a top challenger in Riven/Irelia main.

Quick Facts: General Sniper
Name General Sniper (Rayan Shoura)
Birthday November 10, 2006
Age 14
Gender Male
Nationality Singapore
Profession eSport Player
Siblings Viper
Married/Single Single
Twitter @GeneralSniperr
Youtube General Sniper

At a very young age, he has amassed his own fan base. He looks cute and innocent but his gameplay is quite dangerous. 

We all know that Twitch is the greatest platform for game streamers. It can provide fame and name to unknown people within a short period of time.

General Sniper is just 14 but shined as an esports player. His family supports him. As a matter of fact, his parent’s professional as well as personal details are unknown.

But, his own brother is a top-notch streamer.

He enjoys being a celebrity. And, people spamming his names on live chats. 

10 Facts On General Sniper

  1. General Sniper is a young rising star in the gaming scenario. He rose to stardom as a League of Legends player.
  2. His wiki-bio profile is currently unavailable. But, most media outlets have written about him.
  3. He earned most of his fan following from Twitch. Moreover, he plays games like PUBG, Fall Guys, etc on his streams.
  4. At present, he isn’t a Cloud9 member. You heard it right, he signed a contract with the team. However, the contract was terminated soon because of LCS rules and regulations.
  5. Though he found fame as General Sniper his birth name is Rayan Shoura.
  6. We don’t have a clue about his face reveal. However, he uses webcams while streaming on Twitch nowadays.
  7. The net worth of young streamer Sniper is under wraps.
  8. The famous YouTuber and esports player Viper is his brother. And, he frequently tweets in support of General Sniper.
  9. On the 10th of November, he celebrates his birthday. His full date of birth is November 10, 2006. And, his age is 14.
  10. General Sniper is available on YouTube and Twitter but not on Instagram.