How Tall Is Gigguk? Everything To Know About The Anime Man YouTuber

How Tall Is Gigguk? Everything To Know About The Anime Man YouTuber

YouTuber Gigguk appears to stand at a height above 5 feet 9 inches on his pictures and videos. His height is one of the main reasons for his decent personality.

Gigguk is a YouTuber known for his amazing videos online.

The amazing content creation by Gigguk has attracted a lot of eyes lately. For anime lovers, Gigguk is among the most loved persons on the planet.

He has  2.98 million subscribers on his Youtube channel for now. Most anime lovers are familiar with Gigguk’s work and Youtube journey,

But for those who are unaware of his work and channel, this read will surely help you know him at a personal level.

Gigguk Height And Age

Gigguk appears to stand above 5 feet 9 inches tall in his pictures.

There are no details on the physical attributes of Gigguk.  For now, we made an assumption on his height by looking at his pictures.

Going through his age, Gigguk is currently 30 years old.

The YouTuber was born in 1990. He celebrates his birthday on the 31st of May each year. He was at the age of 16 when he started to show his social media presence.

What Is Gigguk Real Name?

According to Youtube Fandom, The real name of Gigguk is Garnt Maneetapho. However, he prefers to call him simply Gigguk.

He was born in Brighton, England. His parents were Thai immigrants who later settled in the UK. 

Gigguk Net Worth

YouTuber Gigguk’s precise net worth is not revealed lately.

The main source of his income is via his YouTube channel.

According to Gb Youtubers, Gigguk’s income varies every day and every year.

But as per the article, Gigguk has made a net worth somewhere between $171,000-$1.03 million. 

Gigguk Girlfriend

Gigguk is currently living with his girlfriend Sydney Poniewaz. 

Like Gigguk, his girlfriend Sydney is also a well-known YouTuber.

Gigguk and Sydney are engaged and currently reside in Tokyo, Japan.

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