Ginny Lemon Age: Meet RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Contestant On Instagram

Ginny Lemon Age: Meet RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Contestant On Instagram

One of the stand-out contestants from Rupaul’s Drag Race UK Season 2 is none other than Ginny Lemon. Ginny’s comedy and talent have helped built her enormous fame. 

Drag queen, Ginny Lemon also participated in The X-Factor UK Series 14.

Quick Facts:

Name Ginny Lemon
Birthday February 7, 1989
Age 31
Gender Gay
Nationality British
Profession Reality star
Married/Single Married
Instagram @ginnylemon69
Twitter @GinnyLemon69

10 Facts On Ginny Lemon

  1. The Rupaul’s Drag Race star, Ginny Lemon’s real name is Lewis Mandall. She uses her drag name to introduce herself to the world.
  2. Born in 1989, Ginny Lemon’s age is 31 years old. She shares her birthday snaps in her social media handles on February 7.
  3. With 40.9k followers and a verified Instagram account, Ginny Lemon uploads her daily life activities and moods on her Instagram. 
  4. Ginny’s bio can be found on RuPaul’s Drag Race Fandom site and other online sites too. Her entrance quote in the show is “Hiya babs it’s me Ginny Lemon, fancy a sliiiiiiice!”. 
  5. Though Ginny Lemon is yet to have a Wikipedia page under her name, her name has appeared in RuPaul’s Season-2 show’s Wikipedia. 
  6. Drag queen Ginny got married to the love of her life on February 6, 2020, which she deems as the best birthday gift ever.
  7. She is a big fan of Kate Bush, a gay icon, who stands for the LGBT community for over 40 years now. If want her to prove how much of a fan she is of Kate, then just check into her Instagram. Moreover, Ginny even tattoed Kate’s name on her knuckles.
  8. Fans of X-Factor UK will surely be familiar with Ginny Lemon because she came to the auditions in 2017. Likewise, he showed her musical talent by singing Liberty X’s Just A Little. Sadly, he was eliminated during Bootcamp.
  9. She likes doing what people say she can’t. The same goes for her yellow figurine. Because someone once said she was too fat and ugly to wear yellow, thus she used it as her signature color as per Radio Times.
  10. Ginny Lemon openly admits that she is the only non-binary drag queen in the UK with a sense of humor and also the hairiest woman in showbusiness.

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