Who Are The Members Of ‘Girl Named Tom’ Band? The Voice Contestants Who Gave A 4-Chair-Turn Performance

Who Are The Members Of ‘Girl Named Tom’ Band? The Voice Contestants Who Gave A 4-Chair-Turn Performance

Girl Named Tom, a music band and trio from Ohio, got the first four-chair turn in the ongoing 21st season of the Voice. Here is everything you need to know about them. 

The voice has become one of the biggest music platforms in the world with immense opportunities and possibilities for rising singers and performers. 

Well, getting into The Voice is a great thing for the contestant; but what’s greater is getting all the four judges to turn the chairs. 

Interestingly, we got the first all four turns in The Voice season 21 with an amazing sibling band and trio named “Girl Named Tom”. 

With their amazing performance and a lot of people now crazy over their wonderful music, Girl Named Tom and its Band members are getting a lot of public recognition. 

Indeed, concerns regarding their names, ages, Instagram, and current how abouts are rising all over the web and are currently at their peak. 

Who Are ‘Girl Named Tom’ From The Voice?

As mentioned, ‘Girl Named Tom’ from The Voice is a popular musical band and trio from Perrysville, Ohio, United States. 

They have performed in over 65 different places all across the States and are pretty great with their music. 

The band was formed in the year 2019 and they travel to different states across the US for their performances. 

Despite being a new band and musical trio, Girl Named Tom has created different songs like 23, Evergreen, Country Roads/ Mrs. RObinson, and many others. 

Also, despite the fact that they had their own songs, they performed the song Helplessly Hoping and still manage to turn all 4 chairs. 

Well, they got to choose their team captain and despite the effort, everybody put in, they went to team Kelly and will perform soon, again in the further round. 

Girl Named Tom Band Members And Names 

People might expect one of the members of the band “Girl Named Tom” to be Tom, but there is no one with that name. 

The band members of the band are 3 siblings from Ohio and their names are Bekah, Caleb, and Joshua Liechty. 

Bekah is the youngest of them all and she is the sister of her 2 elder brothers, Joshua and Caleb. 

When asked why did they name their band Girl Named Tom even if there is no one named Tom, they said that the two elder brothers called Bekah by the nickname Tom when they were small. 

So, nostalgia did help them to keep the amazing name of their band. Among these 3, all of them are vocalists, but one of the brothers is also a guitarist. 

Girl Named Tom Members Age: Meet Them On Instagram

The age of the members of the band Girl Named Tom is expected to be somewhere around early to late 20s.  

Well, they have not revealed their exact ages and date of births, but since they are 3 siblings, and also, looking at their appearances, their age range is estimated as mentioned above. 

Moreover, they are on Instagram as a Trio, as well as individually. Their band is on the platform under the username @girlnamedtom where they have over 3500 followers. 

Also, they are individually on the platform with their respective handles: Caleb Liechty – @caleb.liechty, Bekah Grace – @bekahliechty, and Joshua Liechty – @joshua.liechty02.