GoingLimited Face Revealed: Everything On His Age And Wikipedia

GoingLimited Face Revealed: Everything On His Age And Wikipedia

Youtuber and Twitch star GoingLimited is liked by many for his anonymous looks and gameplay, and you may be interested in his face reveal. Let’s find out about his face reveal. 

GoingLimited is an American professional gamer who primarily plays Roblox and streams it live on YouTube and Twitch. 

He is mainly known for his fantastic gameplay in Roblox and his anonymous face. He has a huge fan following on YouTube and Twitch, but he has not been seen on Instagram yet. 

Moreover, he is seen tweeting different kinds of stuff on his Twitter handle. 

Quick Facts:

Name GoingLimited
Age 25 – 30
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession YouTuber
Twitter @GoingLimited
Youtube GoingLimited

GoingLimited Face Reveal

There’s a large audience waiting for GoingLimited’s face reveal. However, it looks like we still have to wait. 

GoingLimited has not revealed his face yet. And, it doesn’t seem that he will do that any sooner. The main reason for GoingLimited’s fame is his anonymous personality and hidden face. 

So, most people think that he will not reveal his face. Further, he uploaded a video on his channel a few months ago saying he was showing his face, but that was just a bluff. 

GoingLimited Age And Real Name

GoingLimited’s age might be somewhere around 25 – 30 years.

However, his exact date of both and his birthday are yet to be revealed. 

Since he has not revealed his face and doesn’t speak much about personal detail son his interaction with the public, it is pretty hard to extract information regarding him. 

Regarding his real name, it’s the same thing again. There is no information regarding his real name. He has successfully kept everything about his personal life away from the fans. 

GoingLimited Wikipedia And Net Worth

GoingLimited is not yet on Wikipedia. He is a famous YouTube with a significant fan following, but still, he has not appeared on Wikipedia. 

However, there are a few sources that provide enough and relevant information regarding his stats and gaming career. 

He joined YouTube in February 2014 and has been active since. In these years of his YouTube Journey, he has played many games, but Roblox is what has made him famous. 

He has around 260000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel with 100k – 150k views on every video. 

Regarding his net worth, nothing has been mentioned yet. However, the primary source of his net worth is his YouTube, and he seems to earn reasonably well. 

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