Google Doodle: Edmond Dédé Wife Or Husband -Was He Trans Man Or Woman? Details To Know

Google Doodle: Edmond Dédé Wife Or Husband -Was He Trans Man Or Woman? Details To Know

Edmond Dédé was happily married to his wife Sylvie Leaflet, a native of Paris and a Frenchwoman. He met his future wife in the beautiful city of Paris, where he was pursuing an extreme brilliance course in Violin.

The composer was inspired by the muse of musical greatness in the French capital, which led him to the golden opportunity of meeting a lovely new soul. Sylvie, a devotee of raw music and interpretive art, would be that new partner in his wife.

In later life, the sweet young soul would significantly influence the renowned music director and composer.

Following their marriage, the two became inseparable, and they jointly oversaw Edmond’s ascension in the root muse.

Google Doodle: Edmond Dédé Wife Or Husband -Was He Trans Man Or Woman? 

Sylvie Leaflet, Edmond Dede’s wife, was a French woman and a true art enthusiast whose early efforts in art preservation never went ignored.

He met and married Sylvie in 1864, a year after moving to Paris to study classical music, and the couple had their only son Eugene Arcade Dede.

Dede was a pioneer of many later musical styles as a Catholic singer and true champion of natural expression through harmonious flow.

Sylvie had only been studying classical masters in music for a year when he met Dede.

The violin maestro had only relocated to Europe a year before from the United States, where Edmond made a living by selling sheet music.

His shift in musical style, bolstered by his mastery of the Violin, landed him his first employment in Bordeaux.

In 1864, Sylvie and Dede relocated to Bordeaux, and he was appointed as the general conductor of Ballet at the Grand Theatre. Thus, on January 5, 1901, the world lost a great music composer and violin guru.

How Old Was Edmond Dédé?

Edmond Dede was 76 years old when he left this world. Edmond Dédé’s 194th birthday was commemorated with a Google Doodle on November 20, 2021.

Edmond Dédé was born on November 20, 1827, in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. He grew up there before moving to Peris, France, to further his education.

Regarding his academic credentials, he attended the Paris National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance.

His father worked as a music instructor, a marketer, and a poultry farmer. Dédé began playing the clarinet as a child but quickly moved to the Violin, where he was regarded as a prodigy.

Later, he would perform his compositions and those of Rodolphe Kreutzer, a favorite writer of his.

Edmond Dédé Family Details

Edmond was a family man who only married his lovely partner Sylvie Leaflet in 1864 in France.

The family of three, including his son Eugene, born in 1866, spent most of their lives in Bordeaux, France, while Edmond, the musical pioneer, performed worldwide.

He was a conductor of ballet houses and famous orchestras for many years, best known for his Quasimodo Symphony and minor Le Serment.

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