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Greekgodx, the TSM content creator is an important member of the British gaming community. He is a capable live streamer.

Name Greekgodx (Dimitri Antonatos)
Age 27
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession Twitch Star
Instagram @greekgodx
Twitter @Greekgodx
Youtube Greekgodx

As we all know, Twitch, YouTube, etc are a platform for content creators to showcase their talent. And, Greekgodx has been a part of Twitch and YouTube as a streamer since 2010.

If we calculate properly, he has experience of nearly a decade in this field. What does Greekgodx do on his live streams? 

Most of the time, he plays games and chitchats with his fans. His viewers super chat him and on the other side, he tries his best to entertain them.

That’s how he has gathered thousands of followers on his social media channels.

10 Facts On Greekgodx

  1. Greekgodx is a valuable streamer and content creator partnered with Twitch.
  2. He is 27 years of age if we believe sources. Exactly, his date of birth is out of public sight right now.
  3. The total earnings or let’s say net worth of the gaming sensation is under review. He prefers keeping it a secret.
  4. There never have been any rumors about him having a girlfriend. Nor his fans have ever spammed a girl name on his live sessions.
  5. For now, he is lacking on a decorated Wikipedia page.
  6. The Instagram account of this British streamer owns more than 82 thousand followers.
  7. Likewise, he has earned 1.4 million fans and over 30 million legit views on his Twitch channel.
  8. Currently, he is a member of TSM, an esports organization. And, he serves as a content creator for the team.
  9. He plays games like League of Legends, reacts to other’s videos, and also has devoted himself to IRL content.
  10. Greekgodx’s real name is Dimitri Antonatos. Quite difficult to pronounce, isn’t it? He spent most of his childhood days in Ormskirk, England.

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