What is Griffpatch Real Name? Everything on his Wikipedia And Bio

What is Griffpatch Real Name? Everything on his Wikipedia And Bio

Professional YouTuber-coder Griffpatch had revealed a cartoon version of his face way back. Meanwhile, his real face has recently surfaced in the media.

Griffpatch is a professional YouTuber and also the most followed Scratcher on the MIT-based website Scratch

He got attached to coding when he was a kid. Yet, nothing has changed until now though he has already become a parent.

Also, his day job is all about java coding. 

Quick Facts:

Name Griffpatch
Age 40-50
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession YouTuber
Married/Single Married
Children 1 Son, 1 Daughter
Instagram @griffpatch1
Twitter @griffpatch1
Youtube griffpatch

Griffpatch Face Reveal: What Is His Real Name? 

A cartoon version of Griffpatch’s face has been revealed through his accounts on various social media platforms.  

Even though many of the gaming YouTubers don’t put out their face to the general public, Griffpatch was discovered setting up a cartoon profile of his real face.

However, Griffpatch’s real name is still a mystery. 

He might sooner or later reveal his name, but the name Griffpatch has been fostering enough popularity for him until now. 

How Old Is Griffpatch?

Griffpatch’s age appears to be in the 40s. 

However, the coder’s official age and birthday details have not yet surfaced on media.

Griffpatch Wikipedia

Griffpatch does not have a Wikipedia under his name for now.

Yet, through his personal websites and YouTube bio, we have got to know enough details about Griffpatch. 

Griffpatch is a scratcher, and he develops inconceivable games. To be specific about his games are both multiplayer and single-player games. He got into scratching during the process of making his son enroll in that field. 

No wonder he is a well-qualified coder too. Having an interest in coding since childhood days, being skilled enough is no surprise. Alongside, his day activities too involve java coding. 

He loves to spend his leisure time being creative and developing games. His interest also revolves around making music, playing guitar, and drumming in the Church. 

What is Griffpatch Net Worth?

Griffpatch has not revealed his net worth for now. 

However, looking at his YouTube view stats and being a developer, his worth must surely be sufficiently good. 

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