Who Is Guy Jodoin Conjointe? Everything About The Comedian

Who Is Guy Jodoin Conjointe? Everything About The Comedian

Renowned Comedian Guy Jodoin is married to a spouse (conjointe) named Edith. Continue below for more!

Guy Jodoin is a famous comedian widely recognized as Capitaine Charles Patenaude in Dans une Galaxie près de chez-Vous. Besides, he has appeared in numerous movies.

Likewise, Jodoin has been portrayed in the movies such as Amber Alert, Montreal Dead End, Can You Hear Me, etc. Moreover, he was nominated for an award called Jutra Awards in 2005.

Further, Jodoin is active in this industry for a long time and has worked with different professionals. Besides, Guy Jodoin made his debut in 1986 by starring in Chop Suey.

Who Is Guy Jodoin Conjointe? Details On His Family

Pondering his marital life, Guy Jodoin is happily married to his partner (conjointe), Edith.

The romantic couple has been together for a long while now.

Meanwhile, Jodoin was previously married to Marie-Hélène Michaud but later separated.

Furthermore, Guy Jodoin has four children named Hugolin, Mégane, Bianca, and Léandre.

Who Are Guy Jodoin Parents?

Moving onwards, Guy Jodoin was born to his parents, Léopold Jodoin and Julienne de La Bruère Jodoin.

Both his parents were engaged in school. Jodoin’s father was a school principal, and his mother was an elementary school teacher.

Apart from that, Guy Jodoin was born in Sherbrooke, Canada, on December 27, 1966.

How Much Is Guy Jodoin Net Worth?

According to the net worth post, Guy Jodoin’s net worth is estimated at around $300,000.

Jodoin has gathered a decent amount of money from his career as a comedian.

However, Jodoin has not provided the actual data of his earnings.

Is Guy Jodoin Active On Instagram?

No, Guy Jodoin is not active on Instagram at the moment.

It seems like Jodoin does not spend his time online as there are no official accounts of him on any social media platforms.

In addition, Jodoin is featured on Wikipedia, and we can find some details of him on IMDb.