Why Is Gylfi Sigurdsson Suspended? Details On His Arrest Rumor And Wife

Why Is Gylfi Sigurdsson Suspended? Details On His Arrest Rumor And Wife

Is the football player Gylfi Sigurdsson suspended from the Premier League? Here’s everything on his arrest rumor and pedophile allegations.

Gylfi Sigurdsson is an Icelandic footballer who plays as an offensive midfielder for Everton in the Premier League and the Iceland national team.

Gylfi began his professional career in the Championship with Reading and was sold to 1899 Hoffenheim in 2010, which was Reading’s greatest transaction at the time.

He debuted for Iceland at the senior level in 2010 and has since amassed over 70 caps.

Why Is Gylfi Sigurdsson Suspended?

Recently, Everton has released a statement saying they have suspended a First-team player in a case involving alleged child sexual abuse.

People wonder whether the player is Gylfi Sigurdsson or not.

Sigurdsson is in limelight because of the internet exploding with news stating the player being arrested.

Likewise, along with the news about Everton suspending a First-Team player that has surfaced on the internet, his fans wonder whether he is the one suspended.

According to Republicworld, police have not confirmed whether the footballer arrested was Everton’s Gylfi Sigurdsson, but he has been freed on bail “waiting for further investigation.”

However, Everton, a Premier League team in England, has already suspended a player pending further inquiry.

Premier League Footballer Arrested Rumor Explained

The news of a Premier League footballer being arrested is surfacing on the internet recently.

According to Global247news, Everton striker Gylfi Sigurdsson is claimed to have been arrested, with the club suspending him when police confirm he is an Everton player.

The player was reportedly arrested by Greater Manchester police earlier this month.

Currently, he is stated to be on bail waiting for further inquiries. The news came after the player’s wife disputed the allegations.

Who Is Gylfi Sigurdsson Wife?

Footballer Gylfi Sigurdsson is a married man. His wife’s name is Alexandra Ívarsdóttir.

Gylfi and Alexandra got married in the year 2019.

Sigurdsson was rumored to be in prison, however, his wife Alexandra has denied such rumors and claims.

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