What Illness Does Hannah Waddingham Daughter Kitty Have? Everything To Know

What Illness Does Hannah Waddingham Daughter Kitty Have? Everything To Know

Kitty Waddingham, the daughter of Emmy-winning actress Hannah Waddingham, is suffering from a horrific illness. Here is everything you need to know about the infant. 

Kitty Waddingham is a renowned family member who is recognized as the daughter of renowned English actress Hannah Waddingham. 

Talking about her mother, she is a very popular actress who has worked in renowned TV series and movies like Ted Lasso, Game Of Thrones, Sex Education, and many more. 

As an Emmy-winning actress – which she won recently for Ted Lasso – a singer, and a renowned theatre and musical performer, Hannah has gathered a decent reputation in the public. 

Kitty, being the daughter of such an amazing actress, has gathered even more attention. Also, Kitty’s illness has made people worry about her even more. 

Indeed, people seem to be a lot concerned regarding matters of her illness, father, Instagram, and related matters. 

Hannah Waddingham Daughter Kitty Waddingham Illness Explained

By now, many people, mostly the fans and followers of Hannah Waddingham have found out that her daughter Kitty Waddingham suffers from an illness called HSP. 

Henoch-Schonlein purpura, or HSP, is an illness that causes small blood vessels to swell, generally occurring in children of age 2 to 6. 

Well, she is getting proper treatment and everything she needs. Also, people do recover from this disease, but it keeps their kidneys a bit damaged forever. 

For the daughter of such a renowned actress, there will surely not be any problems when it comes to treatments. However, Hannah did feel difficulty sending time with her daughter. 

She was shooting different shows when her daughter had to go immediately to a hospital. Hannah, as a single parent, felt terrible that she could not be there for her child. 

In such times a baby would surely love their parent being around, so she decided on always being not far away than 30 minutes from her baby, even while at work. 

Kitty Waddingham Age: How Old Is She?

The age of little baby girl Kitty Waddingham is around 5 years old. 

However, we do not have much information about her date of birth or birthday because Hannah does not share a lot of personal things about her daughter. 

Who Is Kitty Waddingham Father?

The father of baby girl Kitty Waddingham is Gianluca Cugnetto. 

Hannah Waddingham and Gianluca Cugnetto were together for quite some time earlier and they even had a baby in the year 2016. 

However, they split very soon after that and the proper cause of this separation was never revealed. 

Anyways, they gave birth to Kitty so her biological father is Gianluca Cugnetto. However, Hannah is Kitty’s only parent. 

Meet Baby Kitty Waddingham On Instagram

Kitty Waddingham is not on Instagram because she is just an infant, and is not allowed to be on social media by herself. 

However, her mother is a renowned personality and she does have an Instagram Handle. Here she has posted about and with her daughter.