Hany Rambod

Hany Rambod

Hany Rambod is a well-known bodybuilder, a weight lifter and a coach. Hany is also known as “The Pro Creator”. Many bodybuilders take him as their godfather as he trains them so well that they would be at that level where they would win an Olympic. His training, coaching style is very unique and different from others as he has already coached many of the Olympic winners.

Quick Facts: Hany Rambod
Name Hany Rambod
Birthday January 4, 1975
Age 45
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Bodybuilder
Net Worth $2 million
Married/Single Married
Instagram @hanyrambod
Twitter @HanyRambod
Youtube Hany Rambod

Rambod is also a nutritionist who has helped a lot of people in the diet.  Bodybuilders from all around the globe are inspired by him and his hard-work. Many of the builders want to follow exactly the same footstep as Hany and be as successful as him.

10 Facts about Hany Rambod

  1. Hany Rambod is a well-known bodybuilder, a weight lifter and a coach who was born on January 4, 1975, in Kuwait.
  2. When he was just 1 year old his parents migrated to the United States of America and spent his whole childhood in San Jose, California.
  3. 45 years old Hany is also known as “The Pro Creator”.
  4. Hany started bodybuilding at a young age as he already completed bodybuilding when he was still a teenager.
  5.  He completed his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) in Biology and an emphasis in Neurophysiology.
  6. Though his wife’s name is not revealed it can be seen that his wife is also a bodybuilder as he tags her in many of his posts and her profile contains many bodybuilding posts.
  7. He is also a pre advisor of the bodybuilders who is taking part in the Olympics and his clients have already won thirteen titles.
  8. Hany has been considered as the most successful bodybuilder in the industry as all of his work is fantabulous.
  9. Along with bodybuilding, he is also an Instagram star as he has more than 341 thousand followers with a verified account and also has his own youtube channel named Hany Rambod which has 164 thousand followers.
  10. His net worth is expected to be more than 2 million dollars.