Has Itsawdeee Done A Face Reveal On Twitter? Everything On His Net Worth And More

Has Itsawdeee Done A Face Reveal On Twitter? Everything On His Net Worth And More

Twitch streamer Itsawdeee made headlines when rumors of his face reveal shook the internet. Learn more about his life below.

Itsawdeee is a famous twitch stream that is known for its signature orange globe face. 

His mysterious personal has attracted viewers from all over the world.

Has Itsawdeee Done A Face Reveal On Twitter? What Is His Real Name?

Twitch Streamer Itsawdeee did a face reveal in August of 2021. He has not done a name revelation.

Fans expressed their glee when Itsawdeee promised to do a face reveal when his twitch account would real 100 followers.

On the 29th of august, he dropped the picture that puzzled his fans. In the image, he wore an orange trench coat with black gloves and boots. Most shocking of all was the orange globe that completely hid his face.

Although fans were disappointed, they respected his decision and found humor.

Ont the other hand, Awdee is active on his Instagram account, where his face is open for all to see.

How Old Is Itsawdeee: Where Is He form?

The age of Itsawdeee is mysterious. We estimate his age to be in his mid-30s because he is married and has two children. 

Similarly, the streamer is private about his hometown and current residence. He has disabled the location feature in his social media so that followers can not see where he is posting.

All we know is that he went on a vacation to Chicago in 2020.

According to the Instagram account of his wife, they are from Ohio.

Itsawdeee Net Worth Explored: What Does He Do?

As of 2021, the net worth of Itsawdeeei is still under review. Awdeee earns his bread by working as a twitch streamer. He might earn around $80,000.

The streamer has a following of only 220 followers. He is most notable for find PUBG: BATTLEGROUND lives streams.

Indeed, he has stated his uploading time to be from Mondays to Thursdays.

Moreover, he also has a youtube account with 14k subscribers. Here, he posts videos regularly.

DOes Itsawdeee Have A Family? Meet Him On Instagram

Itsawdeee is happily married to his wife of many years. Her name is Nattiya Chuenta. She works as an interior designer in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

She has her youtube channel and calls herself an artist.

The couple is parents to adorable kids. Unfortunately, they are not disclosed to the public.

You can follow Itsawdeee on his Instagram handle @awdeelive and get personal information about his life.

Here, he has a following of 273 people.

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