Hawkeye: Who Are Ava Russo Parents? Anthony Russo Brother’s Daughter -Meet Her On Instagram

Hawkeye: Who Are Ava Russo Parents? Anthony Russo Brother’s Daughter -Meet Her On Instagram

Know about Ava Russo’s parents as she stars as Hawkeye’s daughter in the series amid some nepotism controversy.

Ava Russo is an American actress popularly recognized for her performances as Lila Barton.

She portrayed the character of Barton, daughter of Hawkeye, in the superhit movie Avengers: Endgame.

The actress is back again with the same role as the new Hawkeye series is officially released.

While she has only two acting performances in her name, Russo is not a new face, either in acting or in the Red Carpet.

Ava performed in broadway and theatres for a few years and is widely known for her appearances in the Red Carpet alongside her director father, Joe.

When she was featured in the Endgame, the controversy about her being the film due to nepotism also grew among the fanbase.

Here is everything about her parents as well as the controversy, explained in detail.

Who Are Ava Russo Parents?

Ava Russo was born to her father Joe Russo and his estranged love partner whose identity is not disclosed.

Her mother is not known among the media as the film director never opened up about it.

Ava currently lives together with her father and stepmother Pooja Rai, with whom Joe got married back in 2011.

The actress’s father, Joe, is a widely known film director who made films such as Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War, and Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Joe also has two other kids with his wife, Pooja, which includes his other daughter, Lia.

Ava Russo: Anthony Russo Brother Daughter And Nepotism Controversy

When Ava Russo was confirmed in the Avengers movie, the controversy of nepotism started.

She is the daughter of Joe Russo, who is the younger brother of the popular producer Anthony Russo.

The Russo Brothers are known for their filmmaking and are also officially known by this combo name.

The fact that Anthony had featured his brother’s daughter in one of the biggest movies fuelled the talks of nepotism.

Many people online talked about it and some people still speak about it.

But we believe that Ava has debunked that theory. Despite coming from the filmmaker’s family, she performed brilliantly in the movie and is still going strong.

How Old Is Ava Russo?

Ava Russo’s age is 20 years old.

While talking about the lady, The Focus revealed her birthdate on December 15, 2000.

She is of Italian descent but is an American by nationality.

Is Ava Russo Available On Instagram?

Apparently, Ava Russo is not available on Instagram.

Even though she is a celebrity and has grown in popularity in recent times, Ava has opted to stay far from the social media coverage.

Her fan accounts can be found on the platform though.

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