Heart Been Broke So Many Times TikTok: Copy and Paste, Emoji, Meme

Heart Been Broke So Many Times TikTok: Copy and Paste, Emoji, Meme

“Heart Broke So Many Times” is a new trend on TikTok that’s been viral and is going to be more viral as more people make this kind of video. Trends are the backbone of social media sites and likes, shares are the basic units of currency here. So, this trend has garnered lots of views and likes on Tiktok. Let’s talk more about this trend right here today.

Heart Been Broke So many Times TikTok Copy Paste

Now, if you haven’t looked at this TikTok or haven’t participated yourself, you might be wondering what this trend is. This trend is just like many other TikTok trends in that it’s goofy and funny. However, there are enough times when people can’t make the videos really funny but it turns out just awkward.

The basic premise of the video is that you are lip-syncing to a song named “Heart Been Broke So Many Times” and that’s where the name of the challenge itself comes from.

So, you might be thinking that it’s just a lip-syncing video and where is the funny part. The funny part is in the punchline. People put captions on their video that is appropriate for the song and that’s how you get a funny meme out of this.

There are instances where people make dirty jokes as well as some bold and outrageous jokes but it’s all a matter of personal taste as long as the joke isn’t too serious or racist. For example, this video on TikTok is a perfectly bold and outrageous use of this challenge.


heart ❤️been broke 💔 so many times ⏰ i i don’t 🤷‍♀️know what to believe 💭 yeah 👍 mama 👩🏾 said it’s my fault 👎🏿

♬ Heart On Ice – Rod Wave

Heart Broke So Many Times TikTok Comment

 People chat on the Internet these days as we all know it. Reddit is a very popular app that has an extremely wholesome content and threads of genuine human communication and sharing of ideas than most other social media sites.

So, Reddit really reflects what people are feeling these days. There is a Reddit thread on a picture posted by NateusMaximus69 while playing ClashRoyale titled “”Heart Been Broke So many Times” and people respond to it saying the same “Heart Been Broken So Many Times” lyrics.

Basically, it’s a way to tell that something is really painful and attempting to make a little fun of the pain that you are in. that’s why so many people use that comment. it’s an appropriate way of communication at least with someone who has that TikTok reference. 

Heart Been Broke So Many Times TikTok Meme and Emoji

TikTok is not the only place for slick transition videos and weird awkward humor. It’s home to many innovative and funny things as well. Many people criticize Tiktok but it’s not the TikTok, it’s some TikTokers that are horrible.

There are lots of memers on TikTok who make memes regularly on the platform. This is one of the trend of meme-making seen on TikTok.

It was popularized by a TikTok user named “charismaticblackgal”  and the video has gotten a fairly nice number of likes and shares. Whether or not it will blow up and gain huge traction, we do not know yet. We will have to wait for that.

As far as the emoji goes, people use all kinds of emoji on the TikTok that’s appropriate in the context. People seem to be using heartbroken, tear eyed, heart-eyed emojis when they are commenting “Heart Been Broken So Many Times”.

The original song used for this video is “Heart On Ice” and this trend has made his song popular as well. There are whole lots of bored teenagers who can’t get enough of TikTok and this trend is the result of that boredom and creative catharsis.




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