Who Are Hend Zaza Parents? – Meet The Youngest Athlete At The Tokyo Olympics

Who Are Hend Zaza Parents? – Meet The Youngest Athlete At The Tokyo Olympics

Who Are Hend Zaza Parents? Tokyo 2020 qualified Hend Zaza makes history as youngest athlete at Olympic Games.

Hend Zaza is a table tennis player.

She has qualified for Tokyo 2020 and will be one of the youngest Olympians ever.

In the women’s finals of the West Asia Olympic qualification event in Jordan last week, she defeated Lebanon’s Mariana Sahakian, 42, 4-3.

Zaza is now rated 155th in the world, and she will be the first Syrian athlete to compete in table tennis at the Olympics.

She also became the youngest athlete to be qualified for the 2020 Olympics.

Following her victory over Lebanon’s Mariana Sahakian, the Syrian Olympic Committee said, “Congratulations, champion Hend to the Tokyo Olympics 2020.”

The Olympics begin on July 24 and run through August 9, with the Women’s Singles Table Tennis Tournament beginning on July 25th.

Who Are Hend Zaza Parents?-Meet Her Father And Mother

Hend Zaza’s parent’s actual names remain under the wraps for now.

Zaza is the youngest of five siblings, having four older brothers and sisters.

Her father used to be a soccer player and is now a gym teacher. Furthermore, her mother remains unnoticed by the media.

She constantly gives gratitude to her parents and family for her success in her work.

Her family has always been a huge source of encouragement for her since the beginning.

She described being the first Syrian table tennis player to win national titles at all levels as a “present for my country, my parents, and all my friends.”

Adham Jumaan, her Coach, claims to have found Zaza when she was just five years old, three years into Syria’s horrific civil war.

She was having a game of ping-pong with her older brother, Obeida. His younger sibling is a junior national table tennis champion.

Hend Zaza Wikipedia Bio

Hend Zaza attended an International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) event in Qatar with her elder brother 

This summer, an avowed Harry Potter enthusiast is ready to make a major impression at the Tokyo Olympics.

Hend Zaza Age- How Old Is She?

Hend Zaza’s age is currently only twelve years old.

The youngest athlete competing in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 was born on January 1, 2009. Capricorn is her astrological sign.

She celebrates her birthday every year on the 1st of January.

Regarding her physical attribute, Hend is around 4 feet 8 inches tall.

Despite her early age, she is substantially taller than the girls in her age group. She is set to shine in Tokyo Olympics.

What Is Hend Zaza Religion?

Hend Zaza is an adherent and religion of Islam.

Zaza is a Muslim who practices his faith religiously.

She was born and raised in Hama, Syria, thus she is Syrian by nationality.