What Is My Head Is A Jungle TikTok Song? Lyrics Wankelmut ft Emma Louise

The hashtag #myheadisajungle has been trending on TikTok for the past month or so, with over 16.7 million views combined. What exactly is the song?

After more than seven years of being released, the MK remix of the remixed version of My Head Is a Jungle has blown up on TikTok. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the things people have done while trying to stay with the trend.

No TikTok users want to miss out on any trends or and after exploring the latest essential trends and videos, everyone is jumping in with their spin on it. 

Creators edit their favorite shows, photo collages, fashion expectations and drop in their new videos with the viral song playing in the background. 

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What Is My Head Is A Jungle TikTok Song? Lyrics Wankelmut Ft Emma Louise

Every day, a new song is blowing up on TikTok, and the song My Head Is a Jungle just happened to be slotted for this month. 

“My Head Is a Jungle” is a remixed version of Emma Louise’s solo single “Jungle,” which is credited to German producer Wankelmut as well as Emma Louise.

It was released in January 2013 by Poesie Musik, a Get Physical Music sublabel in Germany. “My Head Is a Jungle” was well received in Italy and the United Kingdom. 

In mid-2014, a remix by MK that was not issued on the initial press received exposure. Like any remixed version, it has more YouTube views than the original. Doomsday Entertainment directed the video for “My Head Is A Jungle (MK Remix).”

Camila Ivera, the star of the performance, enters the Launderland, loses her clothes, and then bursts out in nonstop, passionate dancing till the video ends. 

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How To Take Part In My Head Is A Jungle TikTok Hashtag? 

In a generation where fear of missing out is rampant, everyone wants to get in on the latest trends, be it fashion, songs, new dance moves, or just another cool word. 

With almost every teenager putting out their own videos under the hashtag #myheadisajungle, it is no wonder millions of views get racked up in a single day. 

If you want to put out your video, it has never been easier. Just hone in on your artistic ability to make a collage, create a new dance move, express your concern about whales, share your favorite anime, sports moments, and well basically anything you can think of. 

Add the music and then hit share. 

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Last Modified: January 17, 2022

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