House Of Gucci: Where Is Penny Armstrong Now? Everything On Her Net Worth And More

House Of Gucci: Where Is Penny Armstrong Now? Everything On Her Net Worth And More

If you have been wondering where is Penny Armstrong now, people on the internet want to know more about Paolo Gucci’s partner Penny after the recent release of the movie House Of Gucci. 

Paolo Gucci was an Italian businessman and fashion designer. He is also credited for designing the famous double GG and he also served as one-time chief designer and vice president for the famous fashion brand Gucci. 

Penny Armstrong was 19 years old when she started her relationship with Paolo, He was married to his wife while Penny and Paolo had a relationship. 

Let us learn more about Penny Armstrong and take a closer look at Paolo Gucci’s wife and net worth. 

House Of Gucci: Where Is Penny Armstrong Now?

Penny Armstrong’s whereabouts as of now have not come to the public domain. 

She has not appeared in public recently and has not discussed her current affairs on the web. 

Penny was 19 years old when she and Paolo started their relationship according to his Wikipedia profile

The couple first met while Penny was working in a stable and was visited by Paolo, he insisted on shaking hands with Penny even though her hands were dirty suggesting he was interested in her. 

Penny and Paolo had two children Alyssa and Gabrielle according to The Free Library. They were enjoying their wealthy lifestyle until Paolo filed bankruptcy in 1994 and eventually died in 1995. 

However, after Paolo died, Penny was left penniless and had to live with her sister taking care of her two children. A woman who enjoyed champaign and vintage Italian delicacy was now taking pint from her local pub. 

Who Is Paolo Gucci Wife?

Paolo Gucci had two wives in his lifetime. 

He was first married to his wife Yvonne Moschetto. The couple got married in the year 1952 and got divorced in the year 1977. 

Yvonne and Paolo had two daughters while they were married, the names of their daughters are  Elisabetta and Patrizia. 

However, after the couple got divorced in 1977, he then married British socialite Jenny Garwood the same year. 

The couple had one daughter in their marriage who was named Gemma Gucci. He got separated from his second wife Jenny after he started having affair with Penny. 

Their divorce was finalized in the year 1990. He also spent five weeks after failing to pay alimony and child support to his second wife. 

What Is Paolo Gucci Net Worth?

Paolo Gucci could have a net worth of over $100 million in his prime. 

However, he filed bankruptcy towards the end of his life and was broke due to his extravagant spending and bad business decisions. 

He sold his Gucci shares to an investment company for $42.5 million in the year 1987 but spent all his money on a luxury. 

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