How Did Jamie Auld Die? Madonna Actor Dead – Wikipedia and Partner

How Did Jamie Auld Die? Madonna Actor Dead – Wikipedia and Partner

Madonna’s Jamie Auld died recently at a really young age.

Jamie Auld was an actress who appeared in 2018’s documentary movie.

Many times, she was labeled as a look-a-like newcomer of popular musical artist Madonna. And, coincidentally, she even got the opportunity to portray Madonna in the Docu-Movie.

The news of her sudden and untimely death was recently broken out by the writer/producer/director of Madonna and the Breakfast Club, Guy Guido.

How Did Jamie Auld Die? Madonna Actor Dead 

Jamie Auld is, sadly, dead but, we are unaware about how she actually died as of yet.

Only her passing news has been circulating on the internet however none of the social media users have made any disclosure about her real cause of death. It could either be from Covid-19 or she had another unspeakable disease that the public is unaware of. Or, perhaps, it could also be the case that she was struggling with mental or psychological issues.

Jamie Auld Wikipedia and Age

Jamie Auld has no Wikipedia to her name as she was one of the rising figures.

The Pasadena native Jamie Auld left the world at the age of 25/26 years old. 

When she was offered up the role to play Madonna, she was just a student then studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology. modeled for UnderArmour and was in advertisements for Walmart.

From her Instagram bio, we learned that she was a risk-taker and aspiring history-maker.

Aside from acting, Auld worked as an assistant account executive at an advertising agency Grey Group in New York. 

Who Was Jamie Auld Partner?

Jamie Auld’s partner’s remained unexplored in the virtual world. 

We even checked her social media and found no clue about who her boyfriend was nor the list of her dating histories. Only one thing we found is the actress was really close to her mother Lisa Auld.

Is Madonna Jamie Auld Alive? 

Though Jamie Auld is not alive, the character she played in the reel life will be remembered for the generations to go.

Jamie Auld Net Worth Explored

Jamie Auld might have had decent net worth given her only one acting credit.

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Last Modified: January 15, 2022

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