How Did Stewart Rhodes Lose His Eye? Eyepatch Details On Oath Keepers leader Who Got Arrested

How Did Stewart Rhodes Lose His Eye? Eyepatch Details On Oath Keepers leader Who Got Arrested

People are questioning how did Stewart Rhodes lose his eye as the Oath keepers Leader was seen wearing an eyepatch. Continue reading this article to find out the answer.

Mr. Rhodes has been a presence on the far right nearly since announcing the formation of the Oath Keepers at a rally in Lexington, Massachusetts, the site of a historic Revolutionary War fight in 2009.

Mr. Rhodes put out an anti-government agenda for the current and former law enforcement and military people who joined his organization during the gathering, claiming that his objective was for members to resist specific unconstitutional instructions from officials and instead maintain their oath to the Constitution.

How Did Stewart Rhodes Lose His Eye? Eyepatch Explained:

According to an inquiry by the Atlantic, Rhodes, a former weapons instructor, dropped a loaded pistol in his face, blinding him in his left eye.

According to them, the experience motivated the then-28-year-old to enroll in community college.

Little is known about the tragedy, and it was rarely mentioned in biographies or stories on Rhodes until novelist and journalist Mike Giglio conducted a study for the Atlantic.

So there you have it: the comic book supervillain look of Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes results from a terrible weapons incident.

Why Is Oath Keepers Leader Arrested? Everything We Know

Stewart Rhodes is the founder and head of the extremist group Oath Keepers, whose members are suspected of being significant actors in the attack on Congress on January 6th. Officials said Thursday that he had been indicted and detained in connection with the disturbance.

The 56-year-old is the most high-profile individual accused in the probe so far, despite the fact that he was present at the Capitol on that day but claimed he did not enter the building.

Officials said he and ten other Oath Keepers members or affiliates had been charged with seditious conspiracy.

The majority of those detained have previously been arrested, but one of them, 63-year-old Edward Vallejo of Phoenix, Arizona, is facing charges for the first time as part of the Oath Keepers investigation.

According to authorities, Rhodes was apprehended this morning in Little Elm, Texas, while Vallejo was arrested in Phoenix.

Stewart Rhodes Wikipedia Explored

Stewart Rhodes was born in 1966 in the small Montana hamlet of Big Arm and grew up in the southwest.

Rhodes began his political career as an adviser to former Texas Representative Ron Paul, a Republican who later became a libertarian.

Rhodes went on to Yale Law School, where he received the Judge William E. Miller Prize for finest Bill of Rights thesis and graduated in 2004.

After graduation, he clerked for Arizona Supreme Court Justice Michael D. Ryan and then volunteered for Ron Paul’s failed 2008 presidential campaign.

In 2009, he moved away from political politics and formed the organization that bears his name. Oath Keepers was founded in April of that year.

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