How OId Is Chibuikem Uche? Age Of ‘One Of Us Is Lying’ Actor Revealed

How OId Is Chibuikem Uche? Age Of ‘One Of Us Is Lying’ Actor Revealed

Chibuikem Uche is a young American actor well known for his cast in ‘One Of Us Is Lying,’ and he has very supportive parents. Let’s know more about him.

The series “One Of Us Is Lying” is based on Young adult fiction, contemporary fiction, and mystery fiction.

The series is based on an American novel written by Karen M. McManus. In the series, Chibukem is seen playing the role of Cooper, an athlete. 

Uche is active on social media. He mentions #TGBTG in each of his bios. 

He got educated from Richardson High School. He has a great interest in traveling as well. Likewise, the boy is a non-vegetarian.

How Old Is Chibuikem Uche? Age Revealed

Chibuikem Uche’s age 21 years old as he was born on February 19th, 2000. He was born in Fort Worth Metroplex, Dallas, Texas, United States.

He currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Likewise, he is a great follower of Christianity.

He is among a few of the young aged actors who have marked their names in The Hollywood industry at this very age.

Chibuikem Uche Net Worth And Parents

Chibuikem Uche’s net worth has not been revealed. Just like other American casts, he must be earning around at least $10 million in a year. 

Similarly, his family details have not been released yet. However, he was seen posting the picture of his father on father’s day. His father has a black ethnicity.

He puts a hashtag of “blacklivesmatter” in the post. He was seen in academia regalia shaking hands with his father. We see they have a strong family bond.

Chibuikem Uche Instagram And Wikipedia

Chibuikem Uche is not found on Wikipedia, but he seems quite active on his Instagram with around 9k followers.

He has just passed his teen days and stepped into adulthood.

With the growth of his age, he’s tremendously growing in his acting career as well. His current work on One Of Us Is Lying as Cooper can be seen from October 7th.

We can often find him chilling out with his friends and other cast crews.  

How Tall Is Chibuikem Uche?

Chibuikem Uche has not revealed his height on media yet. He’s probably around 5 feet. He is not quite tall as an adult.

The young actor is fully motivated to keep going in his career. Similarly, his artworks have been released in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English, and Japanese language movies.

As a child, he was jolly and cheerful. He motivates himself to keep the same amount of energy as he had in his childhood days.