How Old Is Charlotte Church Mum Maria Cooper? Age Revealed -Details To Know

How Old Is Charlotte Church Mum Maria Cooper? Age Revealed -Details To Know

Charlotte Church’s mom Maria Cooper raised the singer singlehandedly from the age of two.  

Maria Cooper is the wife of Welsh singer James Church.

She is also well known as the mother of Charlotte Church, who shot to fame at the tender age of 11.

How Old Is Charlotte Church Mum Maria Cooper? Age Revealed

Maria Cooper, the mother of Charlotte Church, is aged 48 or 49 years old in 2021.

About Maria’s professional details, she recently set up an awesome Dog Grooming/Dog Hotel business called Little Dogs Hotel. It is found that Church’s mom, who has always been a dog lover the whole life, started her dream business.

Thanks to Maria Cooper’s unconditional support, her daughter Charlotte experienced success and fame at a young age.

Maria Cooper Family & Husband 

Maria Cooper’s family includes her second husband James Church, who also plays the role of stepfather to her daughter.

She was initially a single mother before getting married to the musical artist Church. Actually, Maria previously married her former husband Stephen Reed, who was professionally engaged as a computer engineer. 

It is found that Cooper’s first husband abandoned her and their common 2-year-old daughter. And, as a result, Maria had to bear the responsibility of both father and mother simultaneously since then.

Maria, a divorced woman and a single mother of one, her life changed when the love of her life entered her world. And then, she tied the knot with her partner, James Church, who ultimately became her second husband in 1992.

After seven years, in 1999, James adopted Charlotte. In 2019, it is publicized that Maria’s husband James suffered from a rare terminal illness.

We learned from DailyMail that Maria’s daughter’s fame at age 11 had torn their family apart. There, the mom and daughter duo also shared the stress and pressure placed on their family. 

What Is Maria Cooper Net Worth? 

Maria Cooper’s net worth is under review.

Nonetheless, there are rough estimates made by several web portals about her daughter’s earnings. As estimated by Celebrity Networth, Maria’s daughter Charlotte has a collection of $8 million in net worth.

Where Is Maria Cooper Now?

Maria Cooper is currently involved in her pet grooming business now.

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