How Old Is Comedian Ryan Sickler? Everything On His Age And Wiki

How Old Is Comedian Ryan Sickler? Everything On His Age And Wiki

At the age of 48, Ryan Sickler is a successful storyteller and stand-up comedian.

Ryan Sickler is a stand-up comedian along with an award-winning producer and an actor. 

He is best known for his works on ‘Cutman’ (2009), ‘Cubed’ (2009), and ‘The Funny Dance Show’ (2020).

Quick Facts:
Name Ryan Sickler
Birthday March 8, 1973
Age 48
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Nationality American
Profession Comedian
Siblings Twin- Derek, Younger Brother-Todd
Wife Ex-wife- Donna
Children Daughter- Stella
Divorce Divorced
Instagram ryansickler
Twitter @ryansickler

How Old Is Ryan Sickler?

Born on March 8, 1973, Ryan Sickler’s age is 48 years old as of 2021. 

He shares his birthday with his twin brother Derek. They grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Facts To Know About Ryan Sickler

  1. Ryan Sickler, despite being a well-known veteran stand-up comedian, is yet to be featured on Wikipedia. However, he has his own website and has been credited on IMDb Biograph. 
  2. Ryan was married to his ex-wife Donna with whom he has a lovely daughter named Stella.  
  3. Looking at Ryan’s career from a comedian to writer, producer, and podcast host, his estimated net worth should be more than $1 million. Meanwhile, his official net worth has not been public to date. 
  4. Further, Ryan has a verified Instagram with 67.4k  followers and 590 posts.
  5. His parents were divorced while he was a young boy. He grew up with his father, while his other siblings Derek and younger brother Todd were in the custody of their mother. 
  6. Ryan gives his credit for comedy to his father. He explains his father had introduced him to comedy at the age of 11 with the movie Bustin Loose. 
  7. Sickler started his career as a writer and later he became a producer for the ABC family channel for five years.
  8. Eventually, he started his podcast CrabFeast in 2009. With his co-host Jay Larson, they started their journey from featuring guest comics to tell their story, which was able to gather a huge audience within a year. 
  9. Later, in 2018, he announced to start his new solo podcast The Honeydew. The storytelling podcast was about his story of life, highlights from his upbringing while laughing at the lowlights. 
  10. Besides his podcast, Ryan has also contributed to writing and producing content for Disney and Oprah.

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