How Old Is Jessyka Lapierre From Big Brother? Everything On Her Boyfriend And More

How Old Is Jessyka Lapierre From Big Brother? Everything On Her Boyfriend And More

Jessyka Lapierre is a singer/ director, who recently came into the limelight after her boyfriend, Sebastien Plante, became one of the participants in the show Big Brother Celebrities. Let’s explore the beautiful singer.

Jessyka Lapierre is rooting for her boyfriend to win the show. The couple is very supportive of each other and loves to spend time together; however, due to the format of the show, they are separated now.

In the show, the celebrities are taken as contestants and they are locked in a home with cameras. These footage are broadcast on television. This show has many versions of its kind spread across the world.

Jessyka Lapierre Age & Height

Jessyka Lapierre’s age is anywhere between 35 to 45 years old. Her accurate age is not publicly disclosed; however, she is certainly in her 30s or 40s. She is a talented and beautiful individual.

Lapierre’s height is around 5ft 7in and weighs around 65 kg. She has got a great physique and is also beautiful. She can be witnessed on tour with her boyfriend time and again. The couple is into music very much.

The couple made name for themselves with their music. However, the appearance of Sebastien in Big Brothers Celebrities has certainly boosted their fame and helped them reach more numbers of people.

Who Is Jessyka Lapierre Boyfriend? – Family details

Jessyka’s boyfriend is Sebastien Plante. The couple is open about their relationship. They can be seen posting their pictures together on Instagram and performing live together on shows.

They also host the show called The Seb and Jess Show. They are loved by the audience for their originality and authenticity. Jessyka is also a filmmaker, so it can be said that she is multitalented.

Sebastien is currently participating in the popular show called The Big Brother Celebrities, so far in the show, he has managed to win some hearts and appeared to be one of the competitive players. He will make a fortune from the show.

Jessyka Lapierre Net Worth

Jessyka’s net worth is estimated to be more than $100,000. The accurate distribution of her assets is not available because she recently came into the public eye. Her music career has blessed her with this fortune.

She is a singer and does tours across the country, so it can be expected that she earned her money from that. If her boyfriend manages to win the show, her net worth will probably surge up.

Jessyka also has kids; however, it is not clear whether they are from her relationship with Seb or not. On her Instagram, there are photos of her with them. 

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Last Modified: January 18, 2022

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