How Old Is Kevin Miles? Age Of ‘Pretty Smart’ Actor Revealed

How Old Is Kevin Miles? Age Of ‘Pretty Smart’ Actor Revealed

30-year-old Kevin Miles came under the spotlight when he got cast in Pretty Smart. You can catch the latest episodes on Netflix.

Actor Kevin Miles has over 21 credits on his IMDb page. He started his career working in the Innocent. 

Since then, he has acted in many mini-series and T.V. series throughout his career.

You may recognize him from his roles on S.W.A.T. and Criminal Minds.

Moreover, he had a glorious career in commercial acting. Till now, he has acted for Mcdonald’s, Hyundai, and Pepsi. 

His most famous commercial is the Jake from State Farm commercial. 

How Old Is Kevin Miles? Age Of ‘Pretty Smart’ Actor Revealed

Kevin Miles is 30 years old, according to The actor made it big when he starred in the Super Bowl commercial called Jake from Penn state. 

Now he is on the sets of Pretty Smart, starring opposite Olivia Macklin and Cinthya Carmona.

The Netflix original is about an intellectual who is forced to move in with her carefree sister. 

The season premiere happed on Friday and received good reviews.

Kevin Miles Wikipedia: How Tall Is He?

Unfortunately, Kevin Miles does not have a Wikipedia age. According to his IMDb, he is five feet eleven inches or 1.82meters tall.

Kevin hails from the south side of Chicago. Growing up a fan of Michael Jorden, he knew he wanted to be an actor. But with a 240-pound body, it seems almost impossible.

Miles’ father recognized his talent early on and gave him the push he needed.

Starting from more minor roles, he attended the Chicago Academy for Arts. After getting his B.F.A., he moved to Los Angeles with abeat up Mustang.

Does Kevin Miles Have A Girlfriend?

Kevin Miles is not dating anyone right now. He is enjoying his life as a bachelor and goes out to party with his friends.

The actor is 100% focused on his career a has no time to look elsewhere.

Although Miles openly shows his closeness with big-time Netflix star Joey King, there seems to be no ongoing romance between the two. 

Miles calls her homie and genuinely respects her advice.

Meet Kevin Miles On Instagram

You can meet Kevin Miles on his Instagram handle kevinmiles and be a part of his 54.2k followers. 

The actor has his account verified. He likes to keep things private and posts only black and white portraits of himself.

Kevin is friends with famous people and doesn’t shy away from posting photos to his social media.