How Old Is Sue Ann Pien? Age Of ‘As We See It’ Actress Revealed

Sue Ann Pien,  a 42 years-old actress,  will be featured in Amazon Prime Video Series, As We See It, and people are curious about her role in the series. Read this full article to know everything about the actress.

Sue is already a known figure for her work in Rising(2016) and Everlasting (2018). She is also recognized for teaming up with Emmy and Academy Award-winning directors.

She will be portrayed as Violet in the upcoming Amazon series As We See It and other famous names like Rick Glassman and Albert Rutecki. The series will be premiered on January 21, 2022, on Amazon.

Sue Ann Pien Age: How Old Is She?

Born on September 28, 1979, Sue Ann Pien is 42 years old as of now. She will celebrate her 43rd birthday in upcoming September.

Sue graduated from UCLA with a degree in International Development Studies in 2004. While attending UCLA, she booked her second audition ever on a SAG national commercial.

She has been a SAG-AFTRA actress since 2006, working with Emmy and Academy Award-winning directors. Her acting career developed there, and since then, the actress has never looked back on her career.

Sue Ann Pein On Wikipedia

Sue Ann Pien is yet to have her official Wikipedia profile. However, the actress is already famous among the audiences.

Sue has been featured in worldwide press (ELLE, TIME, People, CNN, Popular Science, and countless Chinese media) for her Mars One candidacy. Also, she has been writing and directing and had her sophomore directorial project featured by The Advocate Magazine.

As a host, she has presented for a Nobel Laureate and US Secretary of Energy. She has also been featured onstage alongside presenters Ariana Huffington, Jared Leto, and James Franco.

Sue Ann Pien Parents And Ethnicity: Where Is She From?

Sue Ann Pien’s parents are initially from Hong Kong, China, and she shares Chinese ethnicity. However, she was born in Los Angeles, America, and holds the nationality of America.

Mainly, she is introduced as a Chinese-American actress. She was raised in the USA, where she completed her education and pursued her acting career.

Although she has not disclosed any details about her parents and family, her mom’s cousin was a famous movie star in Hong Kong and Taiwan in the 60s.

Meet Sue Ann Pein On Instagram

Sue Ann Pein is present on Instagram with the username @sueannpien.

The actress is quite active on the platform and has around 1789 followers. She regularly posts on her account, and till now, she has made 746 posts from her account.

She primarily uses the platform to promote her work and shares pictures from her tour and vacation.



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