Paige Desorbo Height – How Tall Is She? Details To Know About The Cast Of Summer House

Paige Desorbo Height – How Tall Is She? Details To Know About The Cast Of Summer House

Summer House constant Paige Desorbo made headlines after finding love with boyfriend Craig Conover.

29-year-old Paige Desorbo became a fan favorite with her appearance in the Bravo TV spin-off of Summer House, Winter House.

Accompanied with her then crush, Craig Conover, she hoped to explore a romantic side to their relationship.

But the entrance of past fling Andrea seems to be in the way of their love.

It seems like the couple completed all their trials as they are happily together.

Paige Desorbo Height And Wikipedia- How Tall Is She?

New Yorker Paige Desorbo was born on 6th November 1992, making her 29 years old. She stands taller than her peers at five feet six inches.

The opinionated Italian-American is a bombshell who is true to herself. The lady is not afraid to show her life and dislikes.

To fully let their inner selves unleashed, she and friend Hannah Berner launched an apple podcast, Giggly Squad, where they talk about pop culture, fashion, television, and mental health.

Is Paige Desorbo On Instagram?

Paige Desorbo is available on Instagram with the account handle paige_desorbo. Here, she has a following of 631k people.

In her bio, she gives the usernames of shows she is associated with as all we link to her websites.

Her social media is a well-curated display of her daily life and luxurious escapades.

Her partner, Craig, fits right into the themes as he is her best accessory.

Indeed, you can feel their affection through the screen.

Who Is The Boyfriend Or Partner Of Paige Desorbo?

Paige Desorbo met her new boyfriend, Craig Conover, as they are reality stars for Bravo TV. The couple started as friends but couldn’t ignore the sparks.

At that moment, Desorbo was in a relationship with ex Perry Rahbar and couldn’t let their feelings grow.

The pair reunited on the set of Winter House, but fate had other plans as this time, Conover was unavailable.

After wrapping up the show, they found solace in each other and started a long-distance relationship.

Currently, they share a happy bond and couldn’t be happier.

What Is The Net Worth Of Paige Desorbo?

As of 2021, the net worth of Paige Desorbo is still under evaluation. She makes her living by working as an actress.

According to her IMDb page, she has one acting credit and four reality show credits.

She started her career when she got cast on Beauty Trends Life. In 2020, she played a minor role in the series Spare Me with the part of Tracy.

But she reached the height of fame when she starred in two reality shows, Summer House and its spin-off Winter House.


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Last Modified: January 16, 2022

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