Hughie Fury Wife And Family Details To Know: British Boxer

Hughie Fury Wife And Family Details To Know: British Boxer

Hughie Fury has achieved so far most of the dreams he planned to do. Well, so far along the journey was his wife with him? Is he even married?

Hughie Fury understood what he wanted to do from a young age. 

After only a few months of high school, he realized boxing was his destiny and dedicated his life to become a British professional fighter.

At 23, he competed for the WBO heavyweight title in 2017 and held the British heavyweight belt in 2018.

As an amateur in the 2012 Youth World Championships, he competed for England, winning gold in the super-heavyweight class and becoming the first British boxer.

Does Hughie Fury Have A Wife? 

No, Hughie doesn’t have a wife, and as you guessed it, he is not married either.

He hasn’t even planned what he’s going to do in that department. Devoted all his life to boxing, he never found a time to search for love.

He has never had a girlfriend because of his singular emphasis on training and improving as a boxer.

He shared that he didn’t experience an average teenage life, no drinking or hanging out with friends. From a young age, he trained like he was a professional.

 Hughie Fury Age And Net Worth

Hughie Fury was born in Greater Manchester, England, on September 18, 1994, which makes him 27 years old as of 2021.

Hughie’s net worth doesn’t exactly number; as his pay records state, his net worth should lie around $2 million – $3 million.

In major fights, Fury makes guaranteed purse money of up to $750,000. Against Bulgarian boxer, he got the most money in his career.

He was defeated by Alexander Povetkin in 2019 and earned $750k in earnings from the fight. In both 2019 and 2018, he earned $1.5 million from both matches.

He became professional when he was 18 years old after winning gold at the Youth World Amateur Championships. Fury competed in the Youth World Amateur Boxing Championships in Yerevan in 2012.

Fury earned a gold medal in super-heavyweight, becoming the first British boxer to do it in the event’s history.

Yes, the Furies are related to each other. Hughie Fury is the first cousin of Tyson Fury, a two-time world heavyweight champion.

Both have declared that they want to be the following Klitschko brothers and rule the heavyweight division.

Hughie is also the cousin of Nathan Gorman, a heavyweight boxer, and Tommy Fury, a light heavyweight boxer and former Love Island competitor.