Ian Kenny Age And Birthday: How Old Is The ‘Karnivool’ Singer?

Ian Kenny Age And Birthday: How Old Is The ‘Karnivool’ Singer?

41-year-old Ian Kenny is a singer from Perth and the lead vocalist for Birds of Tokyo and Karnivool

Ian Kenny is a singer and artist born in the heart of Perth, Australia. His love for music started from an early age when he made his band in High school. Now, he has 15 years of experience on the field with four of the five studio albums that have gone top five in Australia, with two of them additionally going platinum and the singles ‘Plans’ and Lanterns hitting #1 on the Australian artist’s chart.

Ian Kenny Age: How Old Is The ‘Karnivool’ Singer?

Ian Kenny was born in the year 1980. He is currently 41 years old. According to Ncertpoint.com, he stands a height of five feet five inches with reddish-brown hair. 

Details about his childhood and early years are not present as he does not have a Wikipedia page.

Ian Kenny Wife And Family

The whereabouts of his parents do not know. Ian married the love of his life at an early age. Sadly, the couple parted ways, which left Kenny devastated.

The singer poured his grief onto his work. His song ‘GoodLord’ featured explicit lyrics about his emotions ding that painful period.

Ian has wnt on to candidly speak about his song. He said that he rewrote it much time to capture the true essence of his emotions. 

Later, he thanked his bandmember for being so accommodating for him to pour out his emotions.


Ian Kenny Net Worth

The net worth of Ian Kenny is estimated to be between 1million dollars to 5 million dollars.

Ian is most famously known for being a singer for the Australian group Britd of Tokyo and Kanivevool.

Karnivool is a progressive rock band based in Perth, Australia. It was formed by high school friends and has Ian as one of the founding members. The band started off making covers of Nivama and later made three studio albums. Themata, Sound Awake, and Assmetry.

Similarly, Birds of Tokyo is an alternative band formed in 2004. The band features Ian as their lead vocalist and is a collaboration between two bands. This brand has been more successful than Kanivol, getting awards like ARIA, AIR, and APRA.

Meet Him On Instagram

YOu can follow Ian Kenny on his Instagram handle and be a pro of his 5.9k followers.

Here, the singe has not been active since May of this year. The artist posts about his music-making process and lyrics along with news of his latest releases.

He calls his fans his friends and never fails to update them about his latest ventures. It seems obvious from his work ethic that the 41-year-old has no thoughts of retiring.