Ike Hamill Wikipedia: Everything On Author Of ‘Accidental Evil’ Book

Ike Hamill Wikipedia: Everything On Author Of ‘Accidental Evil’ Book

American Author Ike Hamill has been praised a lot for his 2019 book Accidental Evil Book and other suspense books. Let’s see if he is on Wikipedia. 

Ike Hamill is an American author who is widely known for his horror, suspense, and sci-fi books. He writes books based on really strong characters that many people can relate to. 

Ike says that his major inspirations are Stephen King, Mark Twain, and Barbara Kingsolver. His books are promoted and sold by many online and renowned book sales companies. 

Quick Facts:

Name Ike Hamill
Age 50 – 55
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Author
Twitter @ikehamill

Ike Hamill Wikipedia

Ike Hamill is not yet on Wikipedia. Despite being a renowned author, and a person with a huge audience, he has yet not been seen on Wikipedia. 

However, there are sources that provide enough information regarding Ike Hamill. Ike runs his own website to interact with his audience named as IkeHamill

He has written numerous books like Extinct, Instinct, Migrators, Accidental Evil, Alone For The Apocalypse, etc. 

His books have become a great way of spending time for sci-fi, and paranormal suspense fans. His books have been constantly rising in the market since 2011, and are still going on. 

Ike Hamill Net Worth

like Hamill’s net worth as of 2021 is yet to be revealed. He has not mentioned his net worth on any platform as of now. 

However, he has written numerous series of books and novels, so people are sure that he has a really impressive net worth. 

His major books like  Alone For The Apocalypse, Extinct, and Instinct have earned a lot of revenue. 

Ike Hamill Age 

Ike Hamill’s age appears to be around 50 to 55 years. However, his exact date of birth and age is not revealed yet. He was born in Washington DC, the USA. 

 Ike Hamill Wife

Regarding his wife, there are no details. He has not revealed anything regarding his wife. Every piece of information regarding him on the web is professional. 

It seems as if he has chosen to keep his personal life private. 

Ike Hamil Accidental Evil Book

Ike Hamill wrote a book named Accidental Evil which is considered one of his best-selling books. It is regarding a strange character Kingston and his interactions with a demon and their immortal souls. 

People have given a good rating to the book and its characters. 

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