Interview: Is John Barrowman Scottish Or American? What Did He Say? Details To Know

Interview: Is John Barrowman Scottish Or American? What Did He Say? Details To Know

John Barrowman is a Scottish-born American celebrity who has a specialty in singing, acting, and writing. Everyone wants to know which citizen does he have.

John Scot Barrowman is 54 years old actor born on the 11th of March 1967 in Mount Vernon, Glasglow, Scotland. He migrated to Illinois when he was eight years old, along with his family.

Being the son of a singer mother and factory manager father, he learned both music and hard work from an early age. He has become the victim of a bully because of his Scottish accent in childhood.

He got his highest fame after his role as Caption Jack Harkness in “Doctor Who,” during which he was accused of showing off his private parts on the series set.

Interview: Is John Barrowman Scottish Or American?  

John Barrowman is of Scottish origin but an American citizen. Fifty-four years old John entered the USA along with his parents when he was only eight years old. So he happens to be a legal citizen of the United States.

On the other hand, the entire family, including his two siblings, migrated to the US because of his father’s company, the Caterpillar Tractor Factory. So, they had solid reasons and legal authorities to stay in the US.

John Barrowman Daughter

John Barrowman does not have any daughter. There have no records of his child adoption. He is a gay who is married to his husband, Smith Gill. 

Since 2013, they have been married for eight years. It has been almost 28 years that they have known each other. 

John Barrowman Net Worth

As per the records of, John Barrowman has an estimated net worth of $4 million. The student of United States International University has a primary source of income from his acting career.

The other added incomes are generated from being an author, singer, and presenter.  

John Barrowman Allegations Scandal -What Did He Say?

John Barrowman has faced several allegations regarding his scandal of showing off his private parts in public. Firstly, it happened during the Sunset Boulevard performance that he exposed himself behind a piano. 

Later he performed such activity on the Doctor Who’s set, followed by his misconduct in Radio 1’s Switch program. He said that it happened, but it was not intended at all. 

He recently admitted it was silly of him, and he happened as a part of the humor; the people magnified it for nothing.  

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