Is Actor T.L. Thompson Transgender? Everything About The 4400 Reboot CW Cast

Is Actor T.L. Thompson Transgender? Everything About The 4400 Reboot CW Cast

Fans are wondering if the actor T.L. Thompson is transgender as he continues growing in popularity.

T.L. Thompson is an American actor who is being widely regarded for his performances in the TV series 4400.

Besides acting, Thompson is also actively involved as a musician as well as a writer who addresses himself as a storyteller.

Playing as Dr. Andre in the series 4400, fans seem to adore his performances every time he appears on the screen.

And as the recent episode is set to give the spotlight to Thompson, fans are seemingly curious to get to know more about him on a personal level.

Hence, here is everything you need to know about T.L. Thompson aka Dr. Andre of 4400.

Is Actor T.L. Thompson Transgender?

Yes, the actor T.L. Thompson is indeed a transgender man.

TL has played some trans role on the stage so it might be the reason for the queries and now it appears that Thompson is a transgender in real life as well.

Transonset has mentioned the actor T.L. Thompson to be a transgender man on their website and has also labeled them as nonbinary.

Furthermore, the actor has mentioned they/them words on their Twitter profile indicating it as a sign of transgender.

Hence, from these pieces of information, it is confirmed that T.L. Thompson is a transgender person.

How Old Is T.L. Thompson?

The 4400 CW Reboot cast T.L. Thompson’s age is thought to be around 30-40 years old.

There is no exact information about the age and birthdate of the actor on the internet. So we can only guess the actor’s age based on their appearance.

Thompson moved to NYC from the midwest after completing his high school where he won the National Shakespeare Competition as per his website.

After moving to NY, he started doing theatres and other acting jobs regularly until the recession hit.

Following that, TL started his own painting company at the age of around mid-20s and ran it for 8 years.

After all these hardships, Thomspon finally started getting major on-screen roles in 2018-19.

Does T.L. Thompson Have A Wikipedia?

No, the actor T.L. Thompson is yet to get a dedicated Wikipedia bio page.

Apparently, TL is still a particularly new face in the mainstream industry and has only started getting recognition.

So, it might take them some time and other big roles to get recognized by the Wiki page.

Regardless, the actor does have an IMDb profile and you can also get information about them on their personal website.

Does T.L. Thompson Have A Partner?

Actor T.L. Thompson doesn’t seem to have any love partner at the moment.

On the flip side, the limelight has never really fallen on the actor before this, so Thompson’s love life story is yet to be explored.

TL hasn’t really opened up about his personal life before the media up to this point as well, so, Thompson’s love partner is unknown.

What Is T.L. Thompson Net Worth?

T.L. Thompson is expected to have a decent net worth of around $100k- $1 million.

The actor has only just started getting onscreen roles for a few years now so it might take him some time to make a fortune.

Official sources known for mentioning star’s net worth values have not yet mentioned Thompson’s net worth figure as well.

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