Is Bigg Jah aka Jahdai Pickett Married? Everything To Know About The Actor

Is Bigg Jah aka Jahdai Pickett Married? Everything To Know About The Actor

Is Bigg Jah aka Jahdai Pickett married? Yes, the comedian-actor announced he’s off the market with his wedding photo on Instagram on Wednesday. 

Bigg Jah, whose real name is Jahdai Pickett, is an American comedian, writer, actor, and director from California. 

He started his career by filming sketches for other comedians and has collected a large fan base for the same on his social media handles. 

He is known for his projects like The P Word, The Perfekt Plan, and Can You Spare Some Change?. As per his IMDb profile, he has a total of nine acting credits and eight cinematography roles. 

Most of his comedy videos are based on everyday situations and he regularly shares them on his YouTube channel and Instagram handles with over 1.3 million subscribers and 589K followers. 

Is Bigg Jah aka Jahdai Pickett Married? Wife Wedding Photos On Instagram

Bigg Jah aka Jahdai Pickett is married. 

Yes, the comedian announced the news on both Instagram and Twitter with an adorable photo from his wedding day. 

Although Bigg Jah did not reveal his lady love’s name or her identity, he introduced her as his Mrs. 2DAMAX. 

On Instagram, he shared a photo of himself holding hands with his wife and wrote, “I don’t normally make personal posts…but I found my Mrs. 2DAMAX!!!”

He shared a different wedding photo on Twitter, where the duo is sharing a kiss in front of the altar, while their friends and families are clapping for the happy couple. 

What Is Bigg Jah Net Worth In 2021?

Bigg Jah’s estimated net worth is around $3 million, according to 

However, the social media personality has not disclosed his verified net worth to the world. 

He earns his income from his videos on his social media platforms and various other television projects. Judging from his post on Instagram, it seems he lives a comfortable lifestyle.

So, he may make a sound income from his profession. 

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