Is Chris Pratt Homophobic? Racist & Transphobic Controversy Of The Super Mario Actor Explained

Is Chris Pratt Homophobic? Racist & Transphobic Controversy Of The Super Mario Actor Explained

Chirs Pratt, who is labeled as homophobic and racist by many fans, is announced as the voice actor of Mario in the new movie.

Chris Pratt’s full name is Christopher Pratt. Pratt is an American actor who has played everything from comedic nitwits to heroic leading men. Before becoming a movie star, he rose to popularity as a television performer.

When Pratt assumed the part of Peter Quill /Star-Lord in the space western Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), he was still best known for his character in Parks and Recreation.

Pratt’s character in Parks and Recreation was still his most well-known role.

Is Chris Pratt Homophobic? Racist Transphobic Controversy Explained 2021

Chirs Pratt has been accused of being homophobic for quite a while now. From his church to even himself, he has faced a lot of Transphobic Controversies.

Pratt was set to explore his “spiritual side” on a US talk program, according to a tweet from Page, who is openly homosexual.

“But his church is notoriously anti-LGBTQ, so maybe address that as well?” she added.

Neither has mentioned whose church it is in their communication, but Pratt, 39, reacted on his Instagram story to defend his house of worship.

“It was recently stated that I am a member of a religion that “hates a specific group of people” and is “infamously anti-LGBTQ.” Pratt said, “Nothing could be further from the truth.” “I attend a church that welcomes anybody who walks through its doors.

Pratt stated that he is not a mediator for the church” We need less hate in our society, not more,” says a representative for any faith. I am a man who thinks that everyone has the right to love whom they choose without fear of being judged by others “.

As previously reported, two Hillsong Church executives faced outrage in 2015 after making homophobic remarks and declaring homosexuality a sin.

Chris Pratt Upcoming Project Super Mario movie

The internet can’t take the news that Chris Pratt has been cast in the role of Super Mario in the upcoming animated feature MARIO.

As soon as it was revealed that Pratt would play Mario, Twitter became a jumble of emotions as people responded to the news.

While some people praised Pratt, others questioned how he would play Mario and whether he would be able to carry off the character’s core Italian accent. The tweets began to pour in, with some condemning the decision and others hailing it as a dream come true.