Fact Check: Is Colin Furze Arrested? YouTuber Charges Explained

Fact Check: Is Colin Furze Arrested? YouTuber Charges Explained

Colin Furze, a British inventor, YouTuber, and stuntman, was once arrested in 2010 by Lincolnshire Police. What did he do?

Colin Furze is a former plumber and engineer who has broken five world records. He left school to pursue a career in plumbing, which gave him the opportunity to focus on gadgets and tools. 

His expertise in plumbing and engineering earned him a spot on Gadget Geeks, a Sky 1 series. His other screen credits include Outrageous Acts of Science, Virtually Famous, and his debut show, Good News

The multi-talented creative mind has come up with not one but many extraordinary ideas and has created numerous exceptional devices. 

Some of his unconventional contraptions are a 2m-tall social distancing bike, vacuum-cleaner shoes, hoverbike, the world’s fastest scooter and pram, and many more. 

However, his inventions have also landed him in trouble. Law enforcement once detained him in 2010 for converting an object into a firearm. 

Fact Check: Is Colin Furze Arrested? YouTuber Charges Explained 

No, YouTuber Colin Furze is not arrested at present. But, he was arrested in 2010. 

Ten years ago on March 25, Furze was arrested for possessing an object he converted into a firearm. He fitted a flamethrower to his scooter in order to dissuade tailgaters. 

Lincolnshire Police saw him riding a warmed-up scooter in the road and suspected him of possessing a potentially harmful object, according to topgear.com

Furze, who has millions of followers and billions of views on his YouTube channel, was later released on bail without charge the next day. 

There has been no news of his arrest since then. At the time of publication, he shared his last video an hour ago and his last social media post dates back to seven hours before. 

Thus, it’s clear that he is not arrested right now. 

Colin Furze Net Worth & Merch- His Earnings Explored

According to nailbuzz.com, Colin Furze has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million. 

He is a successful television and social media figure with numerous inventions to his credit. He has published a book titled This Book Isn’t Safe. 

Also, he has a website where he sells personalized merch including T-shirts, cups, jumpers, and more. 

He has broken Five Guinness world records that include the world’s largest bonfire, fastest mobility scooter, longest motorcycle, fastest pram, and fastest dodge, as per The U.S. Sun

Meet Colin Furze Wife Or Girlfriend

Colin Furze is in a relationship with his girlfriend but they are yet to get married. So, she is not his wife. 

Furze has not disclosed his girlfriend’s identity but he shares two children with her.

He has one daughter named Erin and one son named Jake, who was born in 2012.