Is Debby Gang Toronto Dead Or Alive? Everything To Know About The YouTuber

Is Debby Gang Toronto Dead Or Alive? Everything To Know About The YouTuber

Social media personality Debby Gang has reportedly passed away at a young age. How did she die?

Debby Gang, born Debby Parkway, was a popular Instagram and YouTube personality who had thousands of followers on social media platforms. 

Debby hailed from Toronto, Ontario, and had become somewhat of a Toronto icon from her Instagram videos. Now, rumors have it that the social media celebrity has died. 

Is the news true? If yes, what happened and how did she die?

Is Debby Gang Toronto Dead or Alive?

Twitter is currently mourning the alleged death of Debby Gang from Toronto. She has reportedly died of a drug overdose. 

Debby, who has over 35.5K followers on Instagram, is presumed dead after a certain video emerged on her social media profile.

On November 2, 2021, a video was posted to Debby’s Instagram account. The video shows a young woman talking about substance abuse and its consequences.

The woman started the video by saying, “I hope this brings awareness to people using fentanyl directly,” before asking people to keep pushing for your family and Debby’s sake. 

Although the woman did not mention Debby’s death directly, internet sleuths took it as confirmation and expressed their condolences in the comment section. 

YouTuber Debby Parkway Death News Reaction On Twitter

Debby Parkway’s fans are stupefied following the news of her death on Twitter and other social media platforms. 

The news has gone viral on the platform and netizens cannot believe the news is true. 

One user tweeted, “A lot of online color builders and/or content-hypers were more than willing to exploit her when all she really needed was help. RIP.”

“RIP LIL Debby! #debbygang”, wrote someone else. Another user shared an old video of the Instagram star dancing on some random music and prayed for her to dance in peace. 

How Did Debby Gang Die? Cause Of Death

Debby Gang reportedly died of a drug overdose. 

There are also speculations that Debby was suffering from depression and was struggling with mental health issues for quite some time. 

As a result, she got herself involved in addiction. She was apparently using a lot of fentanyl directly that led to her untimely demise. 

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