Is Dj Cassidy Blind? Why Does He Wear Sunglasses All The Time?

Is Dj Cassidy Blind? Why Does He Wear Sunglasses All The Time?

Dj Cassidy is a pro-DJ artist, and his signature sunglasses ahs made fams think that he is blind. Learn more about the DJ’s disabilities. 

Dj Cassidy’s full name is Cassidy Durango Milton Willy Podell. He has a long name that might never suit his style, so he decided to go with the short one. 

Cassidy is an American DJ artist, record producer, and music composer. He is now in this field for many years and loves what he is doing. 

Cassidy has accomplished many milestones and has a huge play tune in his lists. 

Dj Cassidy Disability: Is He Blind? 

Dj Cassidy is not blind, and he doesn’t suffer any disability.

People have mistaken his sense of fashion with his disability. He thinks it is cool to were sunglasses even though he is indoor in his house. 

There is no connection with him wearing the sunglasses and becoming blind. Cassidy wears the glasses just because he thinks that it is his signature style. 

In one of the interviews, Cassidy has said that he wears them even at night time. He also revealed his other signature styles like his Hat and Vast-coat. 

Dj Cassidy Family Explored

Dj Cassidy comes from a family of musicians. 

His father, Jonny Podell, was a music agent when Cassidy was born. And his mother, Monica Podell, also loved music a lot.

Although Monica never played any music officially, she used to listen to them a lot. 

Cassidy also has a sister named Brittany, born in 1977. Cassidy is the smallest child in the family. 

What Is Dj Cassidy Net Worth? Instagram Explored

Dj Cassidy’s net worth is still not yet explored and is one of the biggest mysteries about Cassidy.

He is seen wearing branded clothes and other branded items, so we could say he must have a perfect amount of net worth.

But as of now, exact figures about his net worth are not yet revealed. 

Talking about his Instagram account, he has over more than 218k followers. 

He has posted over 5k posts and is also following 945 peoples. Cassidy also has a Twitter account with over 59.5k followers.