Is DJ Cassidy Gay? Everything On His Partner And Ethnicity

Is DJ Cassidy Gay? Everything On His Partner And Ethnicity

DJ Cassidy has never come out as gay but many fans doubt his sexuality as he is not married or has any girlfriend as of now. 

DJ Cassidy Is An American DJ.  Cassidy is one of the most demanding professional DJ in America. 

He is popular for deejaying the wedding of popular singer Beyonce alongside the high profile events like deejaying in the inauguration of former President Barak Obama in 2009.

Likewise, he is also famous for his songs like “Future is Mine” and “Calling All Hearts”.

DJ Cassidy aka Cassidy Durango Malton Willy Podell is also a record producer and MC.

On June 27, Dj Cassidy celebrated his birthday directly after the pass the mike: Bet Awards.

He spread love and emotion with some of his musical heroes as artists passed the mic and performed their old hits.  

Is DJ Cassidy Gay?

No, DJ Cassidy is not Gay. 

The 40- years-aged Dj Cassidy is still unmarried, hence many peoples keep guessing whether Dj Cassidy is gay. 

However, until today, DJ Cassidy hasn’t said anything whether he is gay or not.

Moreover, according to reports, Cassidy’s friends and family state that there is no evidence that proves that he is gay. Even, some of his close circles deny that he is gay. 

Hence, we can’t say anything about someone’s sexuality without knowing the facts.

Who Is DJ Cassidy’s Partner?

Dj Cassidy was dating Aubrey O’Day, Danity Kane SInger in early 2000. 

As per his post on Instagram, DJ has a beautiful new partner. 

He even has uploaded his partner many pictures together on Instagram with very lovely captions. 

However, DJ hasn’t revealed all detail about their love life.

What Is His Ethnicity- White Or Black?

DJ Cassidy is of the white ethnicity. 

 DJ Cassidy always respects Black ethnic peoples and even keeps busy in deejaying on many functions of Black ethnicity.  He has large numbers of fans from Black ethnicity.

Besides this, Cassidy is the son of Monica Podell and Jonny Podell. 

Jonny Podell is the music agent of America and also the owner of the New York-based Podell Talent Agency. 

Is DJ Cassidy Blind? Why Does He Wear Sunglasses?

DJ Cassidy isn’t blind. However, he keeps wearing some of his sunglasses at night too as one of his trademarks. 

Moreover, he is also popular for other various trademarks like boaters, bow ties, cricket sweaters, 24-carat-gold microphones, and color-blocked tuxedos.