Is Edp445 Dead Or Alive: Is He Arrested And In Jail? His Real Name Explained

Is Edp445 Dead Or Alive: Is He Arrested And In Jail? His Real Name Explained

Is EDP445 dead? Youtuber EDP445, accused of trying to be involved sexually with a 13-year-old minor is rumored to have died.

Crazy Eagles Guy, also known as EDP445 is an American Youtuber and vlogger. He used to be really famous for creating unique vlogs and memes. 

He has also been a famous personality in the world of memes because he is widely seen in different comedy memes. As of now, people have accused him of several criminal charges. 

Quick Facts:
Name EDP455 (Bryant Moreland)
Birthday December 15, 1990
Age 30
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Youtube Vlogger
Instagram @bigplayboy445 Verified

Is Edp445 Dead Or Alive?

EDP445 is not dead. He is indeed alive. The rumors regarding his death were ironically a meme that was trending after he was affused for being a “Pedophile”. 

There were several pictures of dead animals which the general people posted saying EDP was found dead. He has been seen on his social handles actively, just a few days ago. 

Is Edp445 Arrested And In Jail?

No, he is not yet arrested or in Jail. However, he is under investigation. He has been accused of several severe charges which might definitely be a problem for his career. 

Many people are raising the question regarding if he is arrested, but it doesn’t seem that way because any official news hasn’t been revealed. 

Edp445 Real Name and Allegations Explained

EDP445’s real name is Bryant Turman Emerson Moreland. And, he has been accused of trying to have sexual intercourse with a minor. 

He was found talking and trying to meet an underaged 13 years old girl, by a social group named Predator Poachers who help people catch aged sexual predators. 

A series of pictures and videos were revealed by The predator poachers on Instagram, which is now removed because of community guidelines. 

He unhesitantly accepted that he was texting a 13-year-old girl despite the fact that he knew she was just 13. Also, it is not the first time he has been accused of something like this. 

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