Is Frank Fritz Still On American Pickers 2021? Everything To Know

Is Frank Fritz Still On American Pickers 2021? Everything To Know

Is Frank Fritz still on American Pickers, or he left? Let’s find out everything about famous TV stars.

Frank Fritz is a famous TV star mostly recognized for his appearance in American Pickers. 

He was invited to host the American Pickers Show by History Channel in 2010 and went well.

In the show, Frank and his partner Mike travels and find antique materials to refurbish. 

Before entering into the entertainment industry, Frank was a Fire inspector. And after that, he got interested in collecting antique pieces of stuff.

Together with his partner, Mike, Frank is a successful businessman.

 And they had also opened a shop named Antique Archeology which became more popular after their presence in American Pickers.

Is Frank Fritz Still On American Pickers 2021?

Many of the viewers of American Pickers are confused about the departure of Frank Fritz from the show.

Frank did not appear in two seasons, 8 & 9. And after that, many of his followers thought that he was leaving the American Pickers. But Fritz has not talked anything about the topic.

Similarly, Frank has Crohn’s disease, from which he might not have appeared in American Pickers. 

But the exact information regarding his departure from American Pickers may come soon.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Frank and Mike have been quarantining in their residence. 

What Happened To Frank Fritz? 

Frank Fritz has had Crohn’s disease for a long time. In 2013, Fritz revealed that he was battling Crohn’s disease.

And due to the illness, Frank Fritz started losing weight.

After taking a break in two seasons of American Pickers, Frank informed his health and disease through social media. 

Also, his partner, Mike, said that Fritz was getting back surgery.

So, due to the pandemic restrictions, Frank might be living in his own house and may announce more about his health condition and return to the American Pickers.