Is Friendlyjordies Racist? Everything On The YouTuber’s Girlfriend And Barilaro Defamation Case

Is Friendlyjordies Racist? Everything On The YouTuber’s Girlfriend And Barilaro Defamation Case

Friendlyjordies aka Jordan Shanks will meet John Barilaro in court now as he has stepped aside from politics now.

John Barilaro’s announcement of resignation came as a shock in the Australian political scenario but mainly to the YouTube content creator Friendlyjordies.

He served as a Deputy Premier of New South Wales, Australia and the leader of the NSW nationals.

Barilaro entered the politics in 2008 and in his 13-year long political career, he has served the nation being an independent councilor, Minister for Small Business, Minister for Regional Tourism, Minister of Regional Development, Minister of Skills, and recently the Deputy Premier of New South Wales.

The dispute between Barilaro and Friendlyjordies is expected to rise now as Barilaro announced in the press conference that the major factor for his resignation was the ongoing case against the YouTuber.

The former Deputy Premier had sued Shanks for defamation and attacking him in a racial manner.

Is Friendlyjordies Racist?

Friendlyjordies aka Jordan Shanks was sued for his racial attack on former NSW national leader John Barilaro.

The former political leader was accused by the YouTuber and the comedian Shanks for corruption and his handling in the 2019-2020 bushfires.

Further, the Aussie comedian took his YouTube channel to upload a video where he described Barilaro as a ‘conman to the core, powered by spaghetti’ and ‘greasy little scrotum’.

Barilaro comes from the Italian heritage and he stated that he found the racist undertones in Jordan’s depictions of how he performed on the video.

Friendlyjordies had also revealed that he comes from a Bosnian, Croatian, and Scottish family background.

Who Is Friendlyjordies Girlfriend?

Friendlyjordies is not revealed to have a girlfriend as of now.

He is not linked with anyone to date and has successfully managed to get his love-life away from the paparazzi.

Jordan’s relationship history is also clear.

Meanwhile, a couple in their late-teens was revealed to break up after having some disagreement over Jordan’s case against Barilaro.

Friendlyjordies and Barilaro Defamation Case: Update

Former NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro launched a defamation case in court against Friendlyjordies in May 2021.

Further, he took the case to the federal court suing Jordan for defamation and Google for refusing to take down the video from his channel.

The case is still ongoing and Barilaro is not expected to stop easily as this case ended his political career.

Meanwhile, following the resignation of John Barilaro, Shanks has released a statement.

You can read the statement by clicking the link here

Friendlyjordies Net Worth

The net worth of Friendlyjordies is estimated at $513,000.

The 32-year-old comedian has collective views of over 148 million and counting on his YouTube Channel.