Is Hadley Freeman Trans? Details On Her Husband Or Partner

Is Hadley Freeman Trans? Details On Her Husband Or Partner

Transphobic remarks from Hadley Freedman lead to bomb threats, and she has a very impressive net worth. Fans are curious about her partner.

Hadley Freeman is an American British professional journalist and author. She works for ‘The Guardian’ newspaper in the UK. She also writes for the Vouge.

She was born on 15 May 1978 in New York City. She currently lives in London.

The journalist graduated from Cambridge Centre for Sixth-form Studies (CCSS). Hadley studied English literature at St Anne’s College, Oxford.

In her early days, she used to be an editor for the college’s student newspaper called Cherwell.

Is Hadley Freeman Trans? Gender Revealed

No, Hadley Freeman is not trans. But, her rather transphobic remarks caused a lot of controversies in the media.

It is not the first time the writer has written something controversial. Previously she was under fire for denouncing the treatment of undocumented child immigrants arriving in America.

Recently she wrote in one of her articles on ‘The Guardian’ that she believed that her gender is a feeling and her biology is a fact. She lost many friends because of her gender-critical beliefs. Many voiced that what she wrote was denouncing and transphobic.

Because of those statements, Freeman received a bomb threat on Twitter. Many took this matter to social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. People were also concerned about British media being increasingly transphobic.

Best-selling author Juno Dawson wrote on Twitter that she was disappointed by such remarks.

Hadley Freeman Husband Or Partner

Hadley Freeman does not have a husband. But, she does have a partner.

They have been in a relationship for decades. But, not much is known about the relationship.

She discussed another controversial topic about marriage in an article.

The author says that she does not believe in marriage. In one of her articles, she stated that marriage does not work in today’s age.

She says she is happy with the relationship and not being married.

Hadley Freeman Net Worth And Salary

Hadley Freeman has an estimated net worth of 1 million to 5 million dollars and growing.

She is a best-selling author and has written multiple books. She also learns a lot from writing for ‘The Guardian’ and ‘Vouge.’

Freeman’s salary has not been disclosed to be the public.

Details On Her Ethnicity

We can only assume she earns a hefty sum for working for such famous companies.

The author was born to a Jewish family. She has dual citizenship from America and Britain.