Is Jackie O Pregnant 2021? Learn Everything About The Australian Radio Presenter

Is Jackie O Pregnant 2021? Learn Everything About The Australian Radio Presenter

 Rumors about Jackie O’s pregnancy have surfaced as a result of her lockdown weight increase, but Jackie O is not expecting a child. 

Jackie O is an Australian Presenter who was born on 31 January 1975. She is currently 46 years old. She was born and raised in Australia. Her real name is Jacqueline Ellen Last. 

Jackie O recently spoke in an interview about why she hasn’t been out on a date in almost two years.

Ever since her divorce from her second husband, Lee Henderson, in 2018, the KIIS FM radio personality hasn’t been on a genuine date.

Jackie has devoted her time to her beloved daughter, Kitty, and her career.

Is Jackie O Pregnant 2021?

The rumors and speculations made on Jackie’s current pregnancy are fake. 

Jackie O is not pregnant

In fact, after her divorce from Lee Henderson, Jackie appears to be connecting more with her daughter and refining her professional career life.

Jackie O described in a recent interview how she is not ready to get back into the dating lifestyle just yet.

It appears that Jackie wishes to take a break from relationships and solely focus on healing, refining herself for the better.

She is in no hurry to start a career nor addition to her little family just yet.

Jackie O: Weight gain Explained

Jackie O has recently sparked on numerous headlines about how she has lost over 10 kg weight.

According to her, Jackie figured that it was enough when she gained heavyweight during the lockdown. Jackie termed it as being “the biggest I have ever been.”

Jackie would binge food, for instance, ordering meals from Uber Eats that were over $300 a week.

At the moment, Jackie O feels extremely confident, and the weight loss success has worked as fuel to act more confident in her own self.

Jackie O: Husband & Family

Jackie was married to her husband, Phil O’ Neil. Unfortunately, the pair filed a divorce. The reason for the separation is kept confidential.

After the divorce, Phil O’ Neil then moved to the United Kingdom around the mid-90s. 

After Phil, Jackie fell in love with a photographer based o the UK, Lee Henderson. The pair first met in 2003, and then they got married.

However, Jackie and Henderson announced their split in October 2018.

Jackie O has a child with Lee Henderson. Their daughter’s name is Catalina “Kitty” Henderson. Catalina lives with her mother, who admires and loves her tremendously.

Jackie and Phil, on the other hand, do not have a child together.

Phil is a Co-host in radio, his profession. 

On the other hand, Jackie’s exact estimation is yet to be revealed in terms of her Net Worth. However, she lives an incredibly comfortable life with her daughter, Kitty. 

Her numerous partnership deals like Kyle Sandilands and her profession help her accumulate a hefty fortune.