Is Jared Golden Jewish? Family Background -Meet His Wife Isobel Moiles On Instagram

Is Jared Golden Jewish? Family Background -Meet His Wife Isobel Moiles On Instagram

Jared Golden alerted House leadership ahead of the vote that he would not vote for the reconciliation plan. Is he Jewish? Here is what you need to know.

The state and local tax deduction was lifted in the House version of the Build Back Better reconciliation plan, which Golden objected to.

The irony is that the threshold was raised due to lobbying by moderates from high-tax states like New Jersey.

Golden’s opposition contrasted with his earlier this year opposition to the American Rescue Plan, in which he voiced concerns about borrowing and spending. He wanted to see a score from the Congressional Budget Office before voting for the package. In addition, he earlier expressed reservations about the bill’s targeting of certain programs, which were resolved in later iterations.

Furthermore, he was a conservative who opposed the ARP and a liberal who opposed the Build Back Better package. He voted no on both occasions.

Is Jared Golden Jewish?

No details are confirmed on Jared Golden’s question on whether or not he is Jewish.

As for his educational background, Golden grew up in Leeds after being born in Lewiston. Leavitt Area High School was his alma mater. Golden enrolled at the University of Maine at Farmington but dropped out after a year to join the US Marine Corps in 2002 and served in Iraq and Afghanistan as a combat soldier.

Details on Jared Golden Family and Wiki Explored

Unfortunately, there is not much info revealed about Jard Golden’s family members. Their names are kept undisclosed by the media. 

As for Jared Golden’s childhood was born in Leeds and raised by his parents in a small town in Maine’s second congressional district. 

Likewise, he was also enlisted in the Marine Corps. He proudly served combat tours in various countries like Afghanistan and Iraq.

In 2014, Jared was elected to the Maine House of Representatives to represent Lewiston, and in 2016, his peers elected him to serve as the Democratic Assistant Majority Leader.

Likewise, he also advocated for more affordable healthcare, more environmental safeguards, and stronger labor unions.

To elaborate more, Jared was elected to Congress in 2018 and has been a staunch supporter of Maine.

He strives to increase access to affordable healthcare, defend preexisting condition rights, reduce prescription medication costs, and protect Social Security and Medicare.

Moreover, he is also fighting for decent jobs at Bath Iron Works and standing with Maine lobstermen to fight against stupid federal rules.

Meet Jared Golden Wife Isobel Moiles

Jared Golden and his wife, Isobel Calderwood Moiles, currently reside happily in Lewiston, USA. They married in the year 2015.

As for his beloved wife, Isobel’s profession, she served as a City Councilor in the area of their residency, i.e., in Lewiston. She worked there for two years (2016 to 2018).

It was only last year in 2020 when Jared and his wife, Isobel, announced the pregnancy news. Now, Jared Golden is a proud father of their child.

Does Jared Golden have a Twitter Account? What is his Net Worth?

Jared Golden joined the Twitter community in the year 2019. 

Furthermore, Jared’s Twitter account’s handle name is @RepGolden. He currently has sixteen thousand followers, followed by 1,328 tweets at the moment.

He also has an Instagram account made solely for Campaign. His handle name is @golden4congress_. 

On the other hand, Jared Golden is speculated to have a net worth of over $500,000. The accurate estimation is yet to unfold.

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